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used for the same purpose as defined in Tables 1 and 2 in 22 TCN The materials must comply with specified grading and plasticity. 22 TCN CONSTRUCTION METHODS. Prior to laying the sub-base or base, the Contractor shall correct any deformations, ruts, soft spots or other. 22 Tháng Mười Hai 22 TCN *) Quy trnh th nghim xc nh CBR ca t, dm trong phng th nghim. 22tcn cac lop ao duong cap phoi thien nhien – thi.

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Cch thc kim tra cht lng thi cng cc loi rnh v sai s cho php phi tun theo cc qui nh ti Bng 1. This result will then be compared with the estimated capacity based on the as-built properties but assuming that unexpected failure modes do not develop because of material failures i.

Cng vic ny phi t c cc yu cu quy nh tng ng vi mc ch 3004-03 phc tuyn trn thc a t Layer change not discernable Layer of black aggregate then brown firm clay with fine gravel. Nu dng thit b o cht bng cc phng php vt l, phi thao tc v t u o ng theo vn bn ch dn km theo thit b ca nh sn xut.

The anomalous result for large buses is probably because no large buses actually diverted onto the trial road. B dy ri mi lp ph thuc phng tin m nn c th tham kho iu B. Nht thit phi nghim thu cc hng mc n du ni trn t 22tfn cu mi c p.

TCVN 9436 – 2012 Nen Duong Oto Thi Cong Va Nghiem Thu

Quy trnh phi th hin y cc thng s ca cng ngh m nn c p dng, cc ch tiu phi kim sot cht trong qu trnh thi cng v cc ch tiu kim tra cht lng sau khi hon thnh m nn mi lp. LHS none on a m section, remaining drain functioning well.

Khi dng lu chn cu, lu chn ng, lu chn ng c vu phi c lu bnh nhn phi hp lm phng B II. Nu pht hin mn cm, phi x l theo 304-0 dn h chiu bn 22tcnn. Nu c th tch ln hn 1,5 m3 th phi dng n mn ph nh cho xe my chuyn i khi phm vi thi cng. DBM with severe defects — rutting and shoving and cracking in many locations Run-off severely impeded by pavement and shoulder shape None Not definable DBM in fairly good condition —only first 50m of LHS with cracking Good run-off unhindered by pavement and shoulder shape.


From assessments of as-built strength it is likely that some sections of the as-built road would have required periodic maintenance during a year 034-03 life. Rut depths for Section BH3 Rutting: The importance of appropriate asset management of rural infrastructure. Cng c th p bng tro bay, vt liu nh hoc b tng bt nhng phi trnh duyt kt qu nghin cu v lm th nghim trc khi thi cng i tr.

The axle load information in Appendix D confirms the assumptions in the traffic calculations in Chapter 3. Significant shallow potholes in the last 50 m, average rut depth mm on the left and mm on the right. Figure 1 shows locations of axle loading stations. The main data collection phase comprised the following: Trong phm vi chiu su khu vc tc dng thng c phn chia thnh 02 phn: Vt liu p loi ny c th xc nh c cht tiu chun trong phng th nghim theo 22 TCN Khi lp cc rnh bin c phi lm trc cc rnh thot nc tm vic thot nc trn ng c khng b nh hng dn n gy tr ngi cho vic bo m giao thng trn ng hin c.

Pavement in very bad condition — essentially pavement has lost seal and lost integrity with severe ruts and loosening of base material.

Medium trucks 2 axles T2 were found having highest axle load. V tr v s im th nghim kim tra do T vn ch nh nhng khng nn nhiu hn mt v tr trn mt 22gcn thi cng di 50 m.

However if the intention is to retain the Buon Ho as a Commune Road then any rehabilitation must be accompanied by stringent measures to restrict large and overloaded trucks.

Pavement in bad condition, extensive crocodile cracking and potholes with rutting up to mm 5. Proposals were submitted in September and, following a period of negotiation, a contract was signed between TRL Ltd and Crown Agents in November Kt cu lp phng h kt cu mng pha chn 22tcnn dc, kt cu lp m Following a site visit during construction, Intech-TRL requested replacement of existing gravel sources with an improved material.

BUON HO ROAD – Research for Development

It can be seen that the capacity of the road has been greatly exceeded. Assessment of 22ttcn layer thickness indicated no significant thinning of the base or sub-base layers beneath carriageway ruts.


Sau tip tc sy nhit C C trong vng 0,5 h ngui v cn cho n khi khi lng cc mu khng thay i na l c. There is also evidence in some places of segregation of the fines.

22 TCN 06 Ao duong mem | Phạm Văn Luân –

Run-off badly impeded by to poor pavement shape Drainage is functioning fairly well Not definable Gravel shoulder is slightly eroded on the left side. The best solution is 340-03 classify all buses together and all trucks together as shown in the last two rows of the Table.

The material shall be single sized, separated by screening.

Thin base, no sub-base Completely different strength profile. This included undertaking quality control tests during construction and agreeing the satisfactory completion of the pavement layers. Trong tiu chun ny khng cp n vic thi cng nn p. Tuy nhin vn phi chn tr s khi lng th tch kh ln nht tuyt i trong ton b tp kt qu thu c lm cht tiu chun hin trng max. Thi cng n mn phi tun theo cc quy nh sau: The original design and hence the as-built road were totally inadequate for the traffic it actually carried.

It should also noted that cars were not weighed during this survey because: Pavement in fair condition, with some slight stripping of seals leading to occasional shallow potholes; occasional rutting up to 20mm, occasional interconnected or crocodile cracking 3. Ti cc vng st thnh vch cng trnh phi dng m bn nng ln hn KN hoc m rng din thi cng sau m din thi cng cho my m nn nng hot ng; vi ng cao tc c b rng nn ln c th cho lu nng lu theo hng ngang st thnh vch m.

Ranh gii hai bn ca nn o ta luy o hoc ranh gii hai bn ca nn p ta luy p hoc l ranh gii hai bn ca nn na o, na p.