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It was called “new shackling area”. The results show that the null hypothesis H 0: Workers must be properly trained, because skillful and fast shackling minimizes broiler stress. Data were statistically analyzed using the non-parametric test of Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney w test.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Meat Science ; Lighting was measured in three different points of the video-recorded shackling line beginning, middle, endat birds’ head height.

British Poultry Science ; The behaviour of broiler chickens in different light sources and illuminances.

Rio de Janeiro; Environmental noise was measured using a decibel meter every second, simultaneously to 13 daily videorecordings. The peaks of sensitivity of three types of cones in the human eye allow the perception of primary colors: Vision Research ;39 Lighting for the production and welfare of turkeys. An intermediate lighting intensity at the work stations was applied. There were some concerns with the 3-month interval between environmental data collection in the old and new areas. How to cite this article.

NBR iluminância de interiores – Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas – Google Books

In addition of the recordings, the following data were measured: The size of the lighting system also considered shackling area dimensions width, length, heightestimated reflections of the roof, walls, and floor, and light flow of the blue fluorescent lamps. Table 4 presents a summary of measurements, including the median mstandard deviation s and the coefficient of variation of lighting cv at the evaluated spots.


The objective of this study was to investigate if blue lighting could reduce broiler stress and comply with legal labor comfort requirements in a new shackling area of a middle-size processing plant.

Lighting comfort allows workers to handle birds more carefully, contributing to lower carcass losses.

Point 1 corresponded to the station of the last shackling worker, point 2 along the shackling line, and point 3 to the entrance to the stunner. The obtained results were slightly different. Luminosity was measured at three fixed spots of the shackling line beginning, middle, and end of the video-recorded line stretch at the birds’ head height. Photoperiod and oviposition time in broiler breeders. Welfare and hygiene during preslaughter handling. Data collection between the old and the new area was carried out as close as possible, but It was not possible to be simultaneous because of the works in the plant at the time of first collection.

Lighting in the shackling area: conciliating broiler welfare with labor comfort

After data in the old area was collected, the new lighting of the new shackling area was designed, and measurements were made. Color perception of poultry is similar to that of humans, except for short-wave light.

The number of times broilers flapped their wings in shackling line sector A was counted. Abnh pro-active approach, aiming at ensuring that neither technological development nor animal welfare are compromised, is recommended Clark et al.

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The company is expanding and remodeling its slaughter, processing, and furtherprocessing lines, using cutting-edge machinery and automated equipment. Due to environmental changes and handling to which broilers are submitted during shackling, stress is more intense and it is expressed as struggling, which may lead to processing losses, including broken bones, bruises, and meat quality defects like pale, soft, and exudative meat PSE or dry, firm and dark meat DFD.


Bird activity is reduced as light intensity diminishes. Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology ;56 5: Revista Avicultura Industrial In addition, the environment must 5431 good ventilation, low noise, and adequate lighting. The null hypothesis was that noise was not different between the new and the old areas H 0: Recordings were made in the new and the old shackling areas.

In the first step, an existing shackling sector was evaluated. The higher variability of the old area is due to the influence of natural lighting.

Blue lighting blue fluorescent lamps and natural light, which came from openings to the external area were used. Machine vision to identify broiler breeder behavior. Blue light is recommended during catching, as the visual perception of broilers is greatly impaired, and therefore, they are not distressed. Applied Animal Behaviour Science ; Lighting is widely used for the manipulation of the behavior of meat-type poultry Nixey, ; Lewis et al. Abn intensity was determined considering the classification of the work in the shackling area as “tasks with limited visual requirement, gross machinery work, and auditoriums” of that regulation.

Based on this data, the utilization factor was determined as 0.

It is possible to conciliate reducing broiler struggling during shackling with light comfort of workers of the shackling area. As previously mentioned, light intensity was measured at three points 1, 2 and 3according to shackling flow.

Recording were made to include all possible variables: