A closer look at Wipeout command of AutoCAD. Despite its great feature it always remained one the least used commands in AutoCAD. Here’s how to select them: WIPEOUT F (for frames) ON Now, all of your wipeouts have a frame around them that you can easily select and. In AutoCAD since version Info Command category: rendering. Help (): WIPEOUT. WIPEOUT command description: Creates a wipeout in the drawing.

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September 19, at This site uses cookies. You will notice that the block hides behind masking, to make it visible again select all objects of blocks even in hidden state you will be able to select objects of block then right click go to Draw Order and select Bring Above Objects wkpeout contextual menu.

DirkM February 9, at 4: Draw a polyline from the top quadrant of the circle to the bottom quadrant.

You are commenting using your WordPress. To create such type of blocks you need to first create a simple block and then add a wipeout boundary behind it.

Wipeout command in AutoCAD

Your site is extremely helpful… thank you for all of your great info! January 9, at Thank you Geof September 19, at Your email address will wipsout be published. But if anybody knowswhat setting shall I aply to make it working for futureit will be very appresciated.


Email required Address never made public. But when I print out in Autocad LT ,the drawing does not have like that problem. May 23, at Makes placing blocks over drawing-elements much easier, like doors and windows over walls, or furniture or sanitairy fixtures over hatched surfaces. After having had many problems trying to use the Wipeout command in AutoCAD, I have discovered some tips that make it easier.

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Draw order does not help. Then you see the following prompts: Please help me to find the solution. Specify next point or [Undo]: Has anyone else found this problem or got a solution? Select yes or no if you prefer and your wipeout will be created.

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Cover it up with the WIPEOUT command

Becker January 9, at Acadd can use these HTML tags. Is there any command to hide out side the wipeout, i want to work in the middle wileout a drawing and want to hide all drawing which is not in the wipeout boundry. Another way to create polyline circle is to draw an arc on part of the existing circle, run the Pedit on the Arc and choose the CLOSE option, however the wipeout accepts closed polylines with line segments only.

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Keep in mind that Wipeout will also affect lineweights. What type of modifying are you doing to the mirrored wipeout?

Wipeout command in AutoCAD – CadOasis

Another neat, but not so quick, way of getting an actual circle to be a polyline is Within a block, I will put them on layer 0; that way they will be on the layer that they are inserted on and will therefore have all the attributes of that layer. The hatch is placed on a layer designated as wipeout that is set to plot and color , For this reason, and all of the other reasons you have mentioned, we have abandoned using wipeouts altogether and now use solid hatch.

How do you use wipeouts? Now select wipeout command from expanded draw panel of home tab and draw a frame enclosing this block completely. Tips for Using the Wipeout Command.

Read about how we use cookies and keep your personal information secure by reading our Privacy Policy here. Replacing these blocks is also verys easy without complicated stretching or completely redoing hatches. If you specify a point, you are prompted for more points so that you can create a custom wipeour, as you see here.