The ruthlessly engrossing and beautifully rendered story of the Brodskys, a family of artists who realize, too late, one elemental truth: Creation’s. “Mansbach has a talent for writing full, memorable characters that seem untidy and complex [his] prose crackles with insight. The End of the Jews spans three . Mansbach (Angry Black White Boy, , etc.) searchingly examines the fraught relations between Jews and gentiles, blacks and whites, men.

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I don’t love Jews any less for it, and neither does Mansbach, but I do know us better for what we are.

THE END OF THE JEWS by Adam Mansbach | Kirkus Reviews

Painfully honest, compassionately cognizant of human frailty and complexity, alive to the magic of creativity yet aware of its consequences—very exciting fiction indeed. Really, really well written, with characters you’re not quite sure you like but are interesting enough you want to meet ’em anyway.

Mansbach’s family saga seems more concerned with the making of mqnsbach than the making of Jewish identity, but his story of writers, photographers and the occasional jazz musician is highly entertaining and moving. Just because something’ After reading other’s reviews, I wanted manzbach clarify something for the non-Jewish readers who felt the title is misleading. After he says this to Tris, we watch this unfoldment play out through the rest of the story. The ending, although shattering, was perfect.

Both have spouses who are artists, a poet and a photographer. Retrieved from ” https: Jun 01, Lori rated it really liked it Shelves: While I didn’t find this impossible to put masbach by any means, I was eager to be reading the book and curious to see how Mansbach, about whom I know nothing, would wrap it all up.

Horsemen of the Sands. Manabach see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. At the heart of the story are two Tristans, grandfather and grandson, both authors of various success, and how their chosen vocation has shaped and affected their lives and lives of those near them. At every turn, The End of the Jews is startling in its honesty.


manxbach This witty drama reminds me of a movie Woody Allen would make, since it addresses estranged Jewish Just finished this book, and I must say, Mansbach has a true gift for language and for creating a compelling plot. Under the Feet of Jesus. I guess it is the tone of the book, the language the author uses. The writing is powerful, descriptive, and contemporary.

The Hotel New Hampshire. Because this novel is such an onion, some layers are more interesting than others, To me the highlight was the early chapters of Nina’s life. And Mansbach is interested in the Otherness of being Jewish and to what degree that does or does not shape our lives and sense of jsws in 21st century America.

It runs on its own chronometer, somersaulting gracefully through time and space, interweaving the tales of these three protagonists who, separated by generation and geography, are leading en lives. Aug 11, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Retrieved 13 May Here’s the thing, though Dec 01, Jacob rated it really liked it. Born to Use Mics.

The End of the Jews by Adam Mansbach

Dec 15, Kim rated it really liked it. That’s the simplest way to explain the greatness of this story. Replete with sorrow, humor, and furious energy, The End of the Jews is ghe unflinching novel of hard truth. So thenwhen I found thiswhich I think is is his first book, or at least several years before the fucking sleep book, I was super excited for more Mansbach.

I think I never got around to reviewing it because it was too awesome for me to do something slapdash and I never quite found the time for something hte, but good goddamn I loved that book. Retrieved 26 January No worries, The End of Ov Jews proves that Mansbach is obviously possessing of a huge intellect and huge writer’s balls, both of which should keep us reading him as he grows up.

The plot sustains from start to finish. Very few writers could have attempted all this without farcical results. Commonwealth Club of California. Clever, hip, broadly informed… Mansbach is at his best, provoking us to think hard thw origins, identity, race and ethnicity. Nina Hricek, a driven young Czech mansbaxh escapes from behind the Iron Curtain with a group of black musicians only to find herself trapped yet again, this time in a doomed love affair.


Books by Adam Mansbach. And Mansbach’s physical depictions of the numerous non-white characters are effortlessly and refreshingly descriptive, rather than classificatory, revealing a natural color blindness in both author and characters that should not seem as unusual in white-written literature as it does.

It’s a page turner, although maybe a bit slow to get into.

Adam Mansbach

But it spends more time examining the creative process and the shifting landscape of the American Jewish Diaspora. This page was last edited on 8 Novemberat Adam Mansbach mmansbach the Texas Book Festival. Grandfather and grandson by the unlikely name of Tristan Thhe. Jun 27, Chrissie rated it it was ok Shelves: It seems like the kind of title Tristian or Tris would use to shock Jews or create notoriety.

L’inizio, il Bronx degli anni della seconda guerra mondiale e la famiglia ebrea di Tristan, il capostipite della saga famigliare che Mansbach ci racconta, mi ha ricordato Will Eisner e le parolele atmosfere, gli ambienti i personaggi del romanzo diventavano immagini dal suo tratto caratteristico. There are insights into the human mind in this book which made me realise a lot about myself. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. If you aadm about what it means to be Jewish, or an artist, or even if you just wonder about what your dedication to any pursuit can do to the people around you, then I thw this book is good for you, too.