Caro Sofri, che ‘gliene cale’ a lei se a Piazza Fontana sono esplose una .. Adriano Sofri, l’ex leader di Lotta continua, nel suo libro ‘La notte. 33 from the far right; pace of Italian justice is so slow that Adriano Sofri, bomb explosion at the Piazza Fontana in Milan that killed 16 people. Sofri, testimone di quegli Adriano Sofri una versione distorta e non confermata dai fatti degli episodi e dei personaggi della strage di Piazza Fontana .

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Adriano Sofri

However, after the Cassation’s cancellation of the previous judgment, a new trial took place, and they were convicted, again, to 22 years of prison, in — Sofri, Marino and others were also accused of armed robberies.

Anarchist Pietro Valpreda was also arrested after a taxi driver, called Cornelio Rolandi, [6] identified him as the suspicious-looking client he had taken to the bank that day. Verdict in bombing case reopens old wounds Paddy Agnew Early on the morning of May 17th,a police inspector, Luigi Calabresi, was shot dead in Milan as he got into his car to go to work.

After over 80 arrests were made, suspect Giuseppe Pinellian anarchist railway worker, died after falling from the fourth floor window of the police station where he was being held.

The tragic events of 12 December didn’t represent a loose cannon, but were the result of a subversive operation enrolled in a program subversive well settled. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Trivia About 43 anni. However, on 20 Februarytwo years after the beginning of the trial, a witness of the Court, carabinieri officer Emilio Rossi, declared that Marino fintana first presented himself to the carabinieris in Ameglia on 2 July Here is a message from Sarajevoby Zlatko Dizdarevic.


Adriano Sofri – Wikipedia

Despite these and other inconsistencies, and despite the lack of corroborative evidence, Marino’s sfri testimony was enough to see Sofri tontana friends sentenced last month.

Sofri, Bompressi and Pietrostefani A great, obvious injustice. Now, after one of Italy’s most bizarre and protraced courtroom sagas, calls for their release are growing. Mass murderbombing. Despite being exonerated, the far-left organisation Lotta Continua held Calabresi of being responsible for the death of Pinelli, and in he was murdered by left-wing militants in revenge. Nor indeed did much emerge about Insp Calabresi’s death until the summer of when Leonardo Marino, a former member of Lotta Continua, emerged to point the finger at Sofri, Bompressi and Pietrostefani.

Sofri has always maintained his innocence and continues to do so to this day. JackieP added it Apr 12, On 12 December a bomb exploded at the Piazza Fontana in Milan.

He said that the assassination had been decided by Adriano Sofri and Giorgio Pietrostefani, the leaders of Lotta Continua. On January 22, the last trial for the murder of police officer Calabresi came to its conclusion. Here is the story by John Foot. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. The convictions were upheld in The bullet which killed Calabresi was auctioned on 15 Aprilafter a flood which had damaged the office holding the material evidence of the case.

Deadly bomb blasts in Italy”.

43 anni by Adriano Sofri

This article has multiple issues. On 15 Decemberthe Lotta Continua newspaper directed by Sofri explicitly claimed that Calabresi had to be “shot dead”. Carlo Digilio, confessed explosives expert and advisor to the Ordine Nuovo in the Veneto was convicted in Junewhich was subsequently upheld on appeal in March Although the official version of Pinelli’s death was that he had committed suicide, many on the left were convinced that he had been pushed out the office window.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He said the Fiat used by the killers was beige, when in fact it was blue; he described the killers’ escape route wrongly; he claimed that Pietrostefani was present in Pisa on the day he had been “ordered” by Sofri to kill Calabresi, even though Pietrostefani later managed to prove he had not been there.

The Court found that in the Venetian group of Zorzi and Maggi organized the attacks, but it is not proven their participation in the fkntana of 12 December. In JulyLeonardo Marino, an ex-activist, confessed to taking part in the assassination of Calabresi. Banca Nazionale dell’Agricoltura building, inside of piazzs the terrorist bombing in Piazza Fontana was carried out on 12 December He has become a columnist writing for Il Foglio and La Repubblica.

Dario Fo’s Nobel largesse: It is bad enough that in this case Italian justice seems to have been unforgivably slow. Marino claimed that he was driving the car, fojtana Ovidio Bompressi allegedly shot Adrianno. Not for the first time, the workings of Italian justice prompt more questions than answers. Paolo Emilio Tavianithe Christian Democrat co-founder of Gladio NATO ‘s avriano anti-Communist organization in Italytold investigators that the SID military intelligence service was about to send a senior officer from Rome to Milan to prevent the bombing, but decided to send a different officer from Padua in order to put the blame on left-wing anarchists.