General information about Agriotes sp. (AGRISP) Basic information. EPPO code: AGRISP; Preferred name: Agriotes sp. Propose photo. Taxonomy. Kingdom . Agriotes sp. [Click Beetle]. Home. If you are interested to use any of the image(s), please read the conditions carefully. photo. DSC (13). photo. DSC Keywords: wireworms, click beetles, Agriotes, integrated pest step in insecticide absorption for the wireworm Agriotes sp (Coleoptera.

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Resistance to starvation increases with the age of wireworms: In both pot assays and field trials for Agriotes brevisA. To our knowledge, the first report of Metarhizium anisopliae Sorokin as able to infect wireworms in nature was made in [ ].

Any potential remains interesting because of possible synergies [ ], such as observed with M.

Control xgriotes wireworms with organo-phosphorus and carbamate insecticides. Elateridae to food baits in laboratory and effectiveness of baits in field. Long-term morbidity lethal, sublethal and behavioral effects and potential recovery or death of wireworms exposed to certain insecticides have implications on how laboratory and field studies should be designed and interpreted [ 30].

A survey of microbial antagonists of Agriotes wireworms from Germany and Italy.


Click beetle species have been monitored thanks to large-scale pheromone trapping in Croatia. The influence of chemical constitution on the toxicity of organic compounds to wireworms. This paper summarizes the key data that should be considered and the IPM strategies ahriotes could be used against wireworms, with particular regards to Agriotes spp.

Control of maize pests with imidacloprid seed dressing treatment in Catalonia NE Iberian Peninsula under traditional crop conditions. Among such substances, those ensuring mortality have effects lasting longer than stand establishment, which is economically more relevant, but considering the overall apparent recovery and avoidance abilities of wireworms, push-pull strategies could be an interesting approach, with the advantage of limiting natural selection of the pest [ 40].

Insects first move at random, any orientation being under the influence of heterogeneity in soil architecture: Susceptibility of the colorado potato beetle and sugarbeet wireworm to Agriites feltiae and S. Neonicotinoids Imidacloprid [ ] Seed dressing Corn A.


Developed below as risk assessment or mass trapping tools, the sampling methods we mention in this paper also relate to that necessity.

The fungus Zoophtora elateridiphaga as an important mortality factor of the click beetle Agriotes sputator. The identification of such semiochemicals might agrkotes explain the diverse sensitivity among varieties.

A sequential core-sampling plan at sugarcane planting was conducted on purpose to target areas needing treatment. Moreover, they may well be combined with fungicide seed treatments, therefore providing easy handling by farmers together with adequate wireworm control, notably on wheat and barley []. Combined use of entomopathogenic nematodes and Metarhizium anisopliae as a new approach for black vine agrioes, Otiorhynchus sulcatuscontrol.

Elateridae by Hexamermis sp. Then again, such natural control is possible in very diversified agricultural systems, where there is room for species other than crops and their pests. Most of the last instar larvae transform into pupae and adults in the summer. Identification of pathogenic strains of entomopathogenic nematodes and fungi for wireworm control. Control of wireworms by seed treatment in Romania. The outcomes appear to be dependent on factors, avriotes EPF strain a virulent strain is vitally importantdose and the synergist type or efficacy enhancing agent used, which overall underlines the need to identify and optimize synergies [ ].

They may even ariotes capable ep associative learning [ 23 ]. Occurrence of Agrlotes wireworms in Austrian agricultural land. Their apparent effectiveness even stifled research on alternative control strategies for thirty years to [ 36 ]. Czern fresh plants and biofumigant meals derived from defatted seeds of Brassica carinata A.

Crop rotation, availability of food resources through the season, climatic-agronomic features and soil characteristics are the aggriotes known factors influencing the composition of species communities and larval population density [ 57 ]. Quantification of specific herbivore-induced released plant compounds and assessing their role in the increase or decrease of the attractiveness of a plant host to another type of herbivore will perhaps enhance our capability to manage populations of soil-dwelling herbivore pests and, thus, secure optimal outputs.


Agriotes sp., prob. insanus Candèze – Agriotes insanus –

The use of sex-pheromones to monitor and trap Agriotes click beetles illustrates the issues separating the understanding of an ecological phenomenon agriotfs the individual scale and its application in IPM strategies.

Ein Beitrag zu ihrer Morphologie und Biologie Z. In infested fields, damage may not occur every year and can be forecast by detecting wireworms at those periods, to prevent from further damage [ 41 ], provided that the lifecycles of the species in place are well known and that agriotfs is ensured by the technique resorted to in the problematic areas.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The stronger vertical gradients between the air and the upper soil and the high density of roots question CO 2 efficiency as a local host-locator, particularly for specialized herbivores in mixed plant communities [ 90 ].

Adults emerge from the soil in spring. Optimization of Agriotes sordidus monitoring in northern italy rural landscape, using a spatial approach. Elateridae in the Midwest.

In fragmented rural landscapes, the monitoring of Elateridae should take into account the heterogeneous pattern of the adult population stratified sampling [ ]. On maize, the two techniques had comparable accuracies for high populations. As outlined throughout this paper, rational IPM strategies are available, and the treatment options or monitoring tools in this regard are in good development. The first step in their management consists in assessing the risk of crop damage, i.

For example, two lettuce plants can be completely destroyed by 10—20 A. Wireworms are hard-bodied, wire-like, yellow to brown larvae found during all times of the growing season in almost any type of soil.