AIA Document B™– is a standard form of agreement between owner Free B sample preview · Guide, instructions, and commentary to the. AIA Document B™ – (formerly B™ – ). . and Samples for the purposes of checking that the construction affected by and. following, all of which are included in AIA Document B™–, Owner/ Architect .. Download A–(sample). AIA Download A– ( sample).

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G – Construction Change Directive. Small Project Practitioners Knowledge Community.

sampls Though not a party to the contract for construction between owner and contractor, sampl architect participates in the preparation of the contract documents and performs construction phase duties and responsibilities described in detail in the general conditions. Owner and Contractor are required to maintain insurance and provide bonds as set forth in Article B is structured so that either the owner or the architect may be the entity providing cost estimates.

Some states and local jurisdictions require parties to include specific contract language in residential design or construction agreements.

Guide to AIA Contract Documents for Small Projects

Certificate of Substantial Completion sold by the pack. It is important to consider factors other than size and cost when determining whether to characterize a project as small and, especially, when deciding what contract agreement to use for any given project. Contains fill points to list types and limits of Architect’s insurance coverage. The importance of using written contracts cannot be overstated, even for the smallest and most straightforward b15 projects.


AIA Document A is for use on a project that is modest in size and brief in duration less than one year from start of design to completion of constructionand where payment to the contractor is based on a stipulated sum fixed price. Residential Advocacy Roundtable AIA Austin, through its Advocacy Commission, is actively engaged with City of Austin aja to keep updated as to zoning and building code changes, specifically including the Residential Review and Inspections Departments.

AIA documents are grouped by family and by series. B consists of only two pages, plus a cover page, and can easily be formatted as an attachment to a proposal letter. Factors such aiia the sophistication of the parties, the location of the project, and the risks involved are all significant, and should be evaluated by the practitioner on a project by project basis.

Sampls is a standard form agreement between an owner and program manager for use on a single project. This agreement may be used with a variety of compensation methods, including percentage of construction cost and stipulated sum. For quick access to this wample, go to www.

B, A Internal general conditions. AIA Document B may also, with some modifications, sampld appropriate for use in other circumstances where an architect is asked to prepare construction documents based on the preliminary design work of another, and to provide related bidding and contract administration services for a project.

Guide to AIA Contract Documents for Small Projects

But the majority of small project practitioners are likely to be with small architecture and design firms, architects working as sole practitioners, and custom residential architects. The AIA Doc Info telephone line provides answers to questions about document content sampke assistance with document selection. Some provisions, such as a limitation of liability clause, further define or limit the scope of services and responsibilities.


Document synopses, commentaries, articles, and other free guides are available on the AIA Web site at www. B is streamlined and simplified for use aai, for example, the homeowner client.

The program’s success will depend largely on the professional judgement and discretion of the Architect who choose to use this form.

This guide does not provide instructions on how to complete AIA documents or model language for amending contracts or agreements. Asmple is a standard form of agreement that contains terms and conditions and compensation details.

The forms are basically digital versions of the documents in paper. Features of limited and unlimited licenses: Documents in each series reflect the purpose of the document.

Services are divided traditionally into basic and additional services. Beyond the input of the Committee members, the AIA solicits feedback from owners, general contractors, engineers, subcontractors, sureties, lawyers, insurers, and other interested stakeholders.

B is a master agreement between the owner and architect. Additional AIA staff members provide business management, education, software development, and marketing support for the Documents program.