1 Department of Industrial Engineering, Ramsar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ramsar, Iran. [email protected] 2 Department of. [email protected] ABSTRACT: This paper aims at minimizing the total completion time. Jobs are processed by parallel machines. Due to. University of Neyshabur, P. O. Box , Neyshabur, Iran A. Behboodi, S. Akhshabi, and K. Nozari, “Braneworld teleparallel.

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Next, we derive the equations of the generalized model and obtain a new critical value for the energy density of the brane.

Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in Industrial Machinery Scheduling with Fuzzy Due Date

Davood Sadatian ; ri. Also, using an approximate of the deSitter solution on the brane assumingwe obtain scale factorshown in Figure 1. The performance of CSA is evaluated in comparison with Lingo 8 software. By solving 22 and 23 simultaneously and also the equation of motion for the scalar field 10the equation of state is obtained. Also, for texting the set of casual relationship between the investigated components, the structural equations of the relationships among the variables are modeled using AMOS software.

Rabizadeh Psychological interaction with behavioural treatment. Relation between organizational structure and organizational entrepreneurship Case study: Parvaneh Haydari, Robabeh Latifnezhad, Ali Sabahi ,Monireh Jahanian and Seyyed Reza Mazloom the effect of the behavioral cognitive therapy on the anixiety of the initial infertile women under the IUI therapy, the quarterly periodical of the fertility and infertility, summer Abbass Mofrad Harrireh A comparison of the effectiveness of the behavioral- cognitive therapy and combination of the behavioral- cognitive therapy and pharmacotherapy on the anxiety and the aggressive behaviors of the disloyalty- strick- en women.

It is shown that inflation or the dark energy-dominated stage can be realized only by the effect of the torsion and trace energy-momentum tensor without the curvature.

Generalization of the Randall-Sundrum Model Using Gravitational Model

Fit of the model: With substituting in 11the approximate solution of desitter for brane is obtained aswhere withand is assumed. Ma Insurance Company www. Mastrolilli M and Gambardella LM Effective neyshabir functions for the flexible job shop problem. In these five dimensions, the metric is represented by the following diagonal matrix: During the steps of its implementation, the present study is after describing the relationship between the recognized factors akshhabi information technology in supply chain management in competitive conditions.

  ISO 21481 PDF

New technology creates new threats and opportunities and change in technology results in change in the way of business of firms and transforms organizational and social systems and results in efficiency and economic development and adds to living standards and increases competitive advantage. Now, according to the pressure and energy relation for akhsgabi teleparallel gravity model [ 15 ] and combining it with the equation of state, we get the nonlinear differential equation for the scalar field and the Hubble parameter as follows: In this paper, a generalized gravity model was proposed based on the time-space torsion and interaction with the universe content.

Yazdani M, Amiri M and Zandieh M Flexible job-shop scheduling with parallel variable neighborhood search algorithm. And to identify and eliminate the factors that are obstacle between e-commerce and partner support so that they can create a stronger relationship between them and to create a distinctive competitive power for themselves at the end.

And to adopt necessary policies for gaining the partner support in long term that in turn results in creation of distinctive competitive ideas, innovations and characteristics. Scroll Refine your search Collections. Considering the results obtained from the second hypothesis, Iran Air Company is recommended to hold class in high level and based on the needs and required skills in future.

Rabizadeh and Karam Nuri effect of the psychiatry interventions in the appearance of pregnancy of the infertile couples,journal of pregnancy. Kaluza and Klein proposed the unified field theory of akhwhabi and electromagnetism, which needs an extra spatial dimension that is a function of the Planck length [ 67 ]. Information technology in supply chain: Xia W and Wu Neyshbur An effective hybrid optimization approach for multiobjective flexible jobshop scheduling problems.


This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction akshhabi any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

There is a positive and significant relationship between electronic commerce and internal integrity. Considering the results obtained from the third hypothesis, Iran Air Company is recommended to create necessary strategies and policies for increasing the competitive advantage that can be created by partner. One of the reasons for this is responding to the multiple needs of customers.

The Hypotheses of the Study 4. Therefore, we have Using 20 and assuming thatthe critical value for the energy density of the brane is determined according to the following equation: Cwikel, Gidron Y, Sheiner E. Ranking the structures impacting the application of information technology in supply chain management in competitive conditions 4. Considering the results obtained from the seventh hypothesis, it is necessary to identify and resolve the reasons and problems that result in the lack of partner support.

Given the abovementioned explanations, we first study the Randall-Sundrum standard model. There is a neyhsabur and significant relationship electronic customer and managerial skills 3. This function contains a torsion scalar component and a scalar field. Path analysis of Iran Air model In the above diagram, the explained variance for the variable of the management of communication with customer is 0. Saeedeh Motamed, Shohreh Ghorbanshiroudi, Javad Khalatbari, Mohammad Ebrahim Maddahi and Mohammad Mojtaba Keikhayfarzaneh The effectiveness of positive parenting skills training group for parents of children kahshabi attention deficit disorderhyperactivity on behavior disorders in their children.