Memmi’s book, The Colonizer and the Colonized (part of which has also been published under the title, Portrait of the Colonizer), is one of. First published in English in , this timeless classic explores the psychological effects of colonialism on colonized and colonizers alike. Nearly 40 years after its first publication in French this collection of Sartre’s writings on colonialism remains a supremely powerful and relevant polemical work.

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The more he must debase the colonized, the more guilty he feels, the more he must justify himself, etc.

The accusation disturbs him and worries him even more because he admires and fears his powerful accuser. Works Cited Memmi, Albert.

The Colonizer and the Colonized – Albert Memmi – Google Books

The Colonizer and the Colonized. The fruit is not an accident or miracle of a plant but a sign of its maturity. In fact, the colonialist system favors population growth to reduce the cost of labor, and it forbids assimilation of the natives, whose numerical superiority, if they had voting rights, would shatter the system.

Through cultural domination, the colonizer creates a group of francophiles who can attain a slightly higher status See Anglophilia. He has neither language, nor flag, nor technical knowledge, nor national or international existence, nor rights, nor duties.

He bravely asserts that the leaders certainly disapprove of them. At first he was so disconcerted that the collnized he could do was to deny such actions; for they would fit nowhere in his view of the problem. The leftist colonizer tried in vain to explain actions which seemed incomprehensible, shocking and politically absurd.


The Colonizer and the Colonized

When the colonized uses them, the leftist colonizer becomes unbearably embarrassed. Therefore he is a usurper. Moreover, the solution becomes more urgent every day. Write A Comment Cancel Reply.

Of Revelation and Revolution, Volume 2: Racism appears then, not as an accidental detail but a subconsubstantial part of colonialism. Over a series of thirteen essays Sartre brings the full force of his remarkable intellect relentlessly to bear on his own country’s conduct coloniezd Algeria and by extension the West’s conduct in the Third World in general.

The Colonizer and the Colonized. For the colonial condition cannot be adjusted to; like an iron collar, it can only be broken.

The Colonizer and the Colonized – Wikipedia

The Two Solutions of the Colonized Telos of the Colonial System According to Memmi, the colonial system is fundamentally unstable and will lead to its own destruction. The colonial situation, by its own internal inevitability, brings on ablert. Most startling of all is Colonizec advocacy of violence as a legitimate response to repression, motivated by alber belief that freedom is the central characteristic of being human.

Does the colonial exist? They are not inclined to leave the colony for their mother country, however, because they are able to live a more comfortable life in the colony.

He wants the colonized to disappear because their existence leads him to act the role of usurper. He ends up recognizing it as one would a detested nickname which has become a familiar description.


Memmi wrote it in response to the decolonization of North Africa inwhen Tunisia and Algeria gained independence from the French. InTunisia became a colony of the French and it gained independence from France in In the colony, he has superior status and his standard of living is far above what it would be in Europe. Could words of peace or thoughts of gratitude be expected from those who have been suffering from a loan that compounds so much interest?

Then, after having suspected the information to be false, he says, as a last resort, that such deeds are errors, that is, they should not belong to the essence of the movement.

The Colonizer Three factors typify the colonizer who, according to Memmi, means any European in a colony: Because they are excluded from government, they become less interested in government. Constantly confronted with this image of himself, set forth colonizes imposed on all institutions and in every human contact, how could the colonized help reacting to his portrait? We are here, it is true, putting aside fact for conjecture.

He asserts his cultural superiority — virtues such as heroism — znd makes a show of his culture in order to impress the colonized. It thus acquires a certain amount of reality and contributes to the true portrait of the colonized.