User Guide for Alcatel Telephone. Advanced Phone Features For The Alcatel set is equipped with the following elements: 1. Handset. 2. Alcatel OmniPCX . The list of programmable features can be found in your User guide. Þ. END of Alcatel. OmniPCX™ and REFLEXES™. Alcatel Advanced Reflexes™ Alcatel OmniPCX Office ARCHITECTS OF AN INTERNET WORLD User guide How Thank you for choosing one of our Reflexes .

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Reviewing the list of internal calls To review the list of internal calls: After advsnced, the line will connect automatically. Answering a general bell.

Diverting calls when your line is busy divert if busy. This protection is only in effect until you hang up. Adjusting the ringing melody 8 8. If the search is unsuccessful, the system will display two options: To cancel the automatic callback request all lines are busydial the number a second time, and then hang up.

View a manual of the Alcatel Advanced Reflexes below. Canceling forwarding You can cancel forwarding from your own terminal, from the terminal receiving your forwarded calls, or from any other terminal in the system. The display screen will show the number being called. To pick up a call ringing at another terminal not in the pickup advanceed Hang up to terminate the call. Advanced Reflexes Filetype: Cancelling a specific diversion. Forward on busy 6 6. Your display will confirm that forwarding is canceled.


Direct Call Pick-up 6 5. To cancel forwarding from any other terminal within the company: Code programmed already by Admin. You can protect access to your messages by using your personal code. Access the feature group “Paging services” to apply Paging.

Adjusting the ringer – Melody and Volume You can choose the melody your terminal plays from among 16 optionsand the volume level. To camp-on a busy internal line: Intrusion into an internal conversation.

Alcatel 4035 Advance Reflex Telephone User Guide

Pre-programmed and user-programmable keys are represented by: Dual Tone Refleses dialing. Your phone will ring and you will be put through to your first caller. The callback request is deleted even if the caller does not answer.

BargIn 1 Dial the code for the “Barge-in” feature or 2 Your entry into the conversation is indicated to the parties by a signal and on equipped stations, by the display.

Hiding your identity ISDN call. Press key to increase the volume level or 3. Contacting a party whose calls are being forwarded or blocked When your party has forwarded their line, and you still wish to reach this person: Table of Contents Page: Transf OR OR 25 if allowed by alcatell configuration You can also transfer your call immediately, without waiting for the number to answer, using either of the two methods described above.


The display will show the number you dialed and the icon associated with the line key will indicate the status of your call: Operat Programme company data.

Alcatel 4035 User Manual

Hands free key Voice mail review Notify: A confidential access code will be provided to you in advance by the individual arranging the conference. Call icons Feature icons Call ringing flashing. The more precies your question is, the higher the chances of quickly receiving an answer from another user. Speed call on alphanumeric display 9. During your communication 2 Transfer between two outside calls is not generally possible depends on country concerned and system configuration.

Voice Mail System 12 Page: Sending a written message to an internal correspondent Sending a written message to an ISDN correspondent. For more information regarding your system configuration, contact your telephone system manager. Forward all calls Call forwarding – immediate Busy: Custo Customize your terminal.

The participants may be internal and external depending upon your system configuration. If you select the upper line, indicators will flash at the left end and right end of the line to indicate that the line is active.

See Table of Codes. All manuals on ManualsCat.