Hello, I am looking for a solution how I can do a crossupdate for my Allnet + NAS to Thecus +. Allnet has stopped the support, and I. Applicable Models: ALL, ALLPRO, ALL, ALL, ALL ,. ALL, ALL and ALL Please read the notes below carefully. ALLNET ALL RAID 5 with x GB Seagate Barracuda drives ( Rebadged Thecus ). Fan failed causing it to overheat which triggered raid.

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Once rebuilt, you can continue to replace any remaining disks in the RAID array. Download All Log File Export all logs to an external file. The ACL screen also allows you to search for a particular allne. By using the ‘Select a language’ button, you can choose the language of the manual you want to view.

Once you are logged in as an administrator, you will see the Web Administration Interface.

Allnet SFP, GBIC, and 10GBASE Transceivers

To schedule system on and off, refer to Chapter 4: Previous page Next page. More information on managing folders, see Chapter 4: This warning is only used to alert the system administrator that allnte are bad sectors on the disk, and they should replace those disks as soon as possible. It will be used for files backed up by Nsync. When you are done replacing hard drives, log on to Web Management.

NOTE Backing up your system configuration is a great way to ensure that you can revert to a working configuration when you are experimenting with new system settings. After entering the information, press Submit to apply the changes. From here, you can Enable or Disable.


Apply Press Apply to create the folder. Writable Provides Write access to users or groups who are displayed in this column.

Unplug the power cord and all connected cables before cleaning. Checking System Status After making connections on the ALLPRO and powering up, check whether the system status is normal or has trouble by observing indicators on the front panel and hard disk trays.

On the ACL screen, all network groups and users are listed in alnet left hand column. In case of any system malfunctions, ALLNET GmbH and its local representatives and dealers are responsible for repair without cost to the customer if the product fails within the warranty period and under normal usage. Press the Submit button to confirm your settings.

Press the Modify button to modify the members in a group. Once clicked, the following prompt will appear: Finally, click Apply to save your changes. System Status Normal The system status xllnet normal if: Two different algorithms are employed to achieve this purpose. You may change any of these items and press Apply to confirm your settings.

All .NET Meetups – Meetup

System Notifications From the System menu, choose the Notification item, and the Notification Configuration screen appears. There you will see the RAID volumes to run the file system check on. Press Reboot to restart the system or Shutdown to turn the system off. The beeper beeps and the Busy LED blinks until the upgrade is complete.


When one port fails, the other one will take over. Click the Apply button to save your changes. For information about the benefits of Active Directory, see Appendix D: Press Apply to qllnet all settings. A brief description of each RAID setting follows: Click Import to begin the user list import.

When you are finished, press Submit to submit and confirm your ACL settings. When the file allney check is allnet, the system will show 20 lines of information until it is complete.

Replace one of the hard drives in the RAID volume and allow it to automatically rebuild. System Fan Speed Displays the current status of the system fan.

Allnet ALL168211

From the drop down select the group you would like 64000 search for the user in. All manuals on ManualsCat. Apply Press this to save your changes.

A list of possible RAID migration configurations will be listed. All user data will be removed. Submit Press Submit to save your changes. If the system was already off at Press Apply to save your changes. See the following table for a detailed description of each item: To configure folder access, follow the steps below: Click Next to proceed with the file system check.

The raw value of this attribute indicates the total number of sectors waiting for remapping.