BONDERITE® M-CR S AERO (ALODINE S) is a brown, metal pre- treatment powdered chemical used to produce a protective coating on aluminum . Alodine* S is a powdered chemical, used for producing paint bonding, corrosion resisting coatings on aluminium and its alloys by either spray or dip. ALODINE S is a powdered chemical used to produce a protective coating on aluminum which minimizes corrosion and provides an improved bond for paint.

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However, the majority of Hazmat items have no fee when shipping with a ground method. Regards, Ted Mooney, P.

Henkel Alodine S Conversion Coating

Testing and Control Never alodije by mouth, use a alodone filler. Please fill out the information below, and we will reply with a quotation as soon as possible. Thank you for Requesting a Quote.

The particular proprietaries that were mentioned are designed for treating aluminum surfaces, not zinc diecastings, but they probably will turn zinc somewhat yellow, even if not actually designed for the purpose.

When carrier USPS is selected, we cannot guarantee this option. HCl – 1 – Thermometer, Floating – 1.

Fill the tank about three-fourths full with cold water for each gallons of final solution volume add 6. To see MatWeb’s complete data sheet for this material including material property data, metal compositions, material suppliers, etcplease click the button below. In terms of processing aircraft parts, AL S has been the benchmark of the industry for over 40 years. After the conversion coating treatment, the work is thoroughly rinsed in cold water.

  HCF 4067 PDF

Dried, unfinished parts should not be handled. Heat exchanger plates should be polished stainless steel. I would like to use it as a pre-coat on alloy rims before putting a clear finish on them. Moisture spatters should be dried with clean cloths.

Incomplete forms will not be accepted by SPOT. All process circulation pump seals, valve seats, door seals, etc. You can find them on the web. Shop for Henkel Alodine S Conversion Coating at SkyGeek to get the best price possible on the versatile and effective metal coating.

Add about 10 ml of Reagent Solution 49 in 5 ml increments to the lip of the flask, raising the stopper slightly after each addition to allow the acid to run into the flask.

It is recommended that no large bulk additions to nitric acid be made. The treating time is too short. Add several ml of Indicator 10 and continue the titration until the blue-black color disappears.

Henkel Alodine 1200S Brush Technical Data Sheet

It’s not possible to diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages. Click here to view all the property values for this datasheet as they were originally entered into MatWeb. After Treatment Water Rinsing: Do Not rezero the burette. Need to contact their agent here in Malaysia.

After cleaning, the metal must be thoroughly rinsed with water. The manufacturer of Alodine is Henkel. It was created primarily for touch-up and repair of scratched surfaces which had been previously anodized or chromated.


EPDM may be used, but its life will be shorter. This site is made possible by several of their competitors, and we can’t ask their competitors to pay the cost of maintaining Malaysian distributorship info for Henkel here.

This fee does not cover shipping costs. Customer called out Alodine [linked by editor to product info on Amazon] as a replacement for Alodnie S. Best Alodime, Menno Velthuijs. Chemical feed pump parts and other elastomers which may come into contact with the concentrated replenishing chemical should be Viton or Teflon. Hi Can anyone tell me which company produces Alodine As a protective coating for aluminum surfaces, 1200w Alodine solution coats and seals the surface to protect it from moisture and to reduce corrosion.

Please read our License Agreement regarding materials data and our Privacy Policy. MatWeb is intended for personal, non-commercial use.

The pH of the bath is outside the specified range. The rinse should be overflowed continuously at a rate which will keep it clean and free from scum and contamination.

The bath temperature is too high. If the post treatment is not heated or the articles do not dry satisfactorily, an indirect fired drying unit or any other means which will not contaminate the treated surface with fumes, oil, or partially burned gases may be used.