Métaphysique des tubes has ratings and reviews. Lucas said: Hasta el momento, y finalizada mi segunda lectura, este es el texto que más disfrut. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Métaphysique des tubes (The Character of Rain) by Amélie Nothomb at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on. : Metaphysique des Tubes (English and French Edition) ( ) by Amelie Nothomb and a great selection of similar New, Used and.

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Published January 10th by Le Livre de Poche first published Nov 19, Ariane Brosseau rated it really liked it. This discovery despairs her to the point of attempting suicide, but she is rescued from drowning in the pond metapgysique the carp. And God was a tube. The account of the narrator’s father studying under a Noh master is a finely crafted piece of comic writing. Vivere vuol dire rifiutare. View all 6 comments. All this portentous nonsense is a pity, because there are many amusing episodes in this little novel.

Nothomb moved often, and did not live in Europe until she was 17, when she moved to Brussels. Mass Market Paperbackpages.

Proffering a piece of white chocolate to the tube the Belgian grandmother is able to effect the transformation of the being. Il filtrait l’univers et retenait rien. Her experience of this time is told in Fear and Trembling.

It is occasionally engaging and sometimes witty, but is spoiled by numerous pseudo-philosophical musings. What disgusts us expresses who we really are.

Nothmob is sight “the very essence of life”? The Japanese believe that until the age of three, children, whether Japanese or not, are gods, each fubes an okosama, or “lord child. Metafisica dei tubi – Italia. Lo cual es un poema. The parents nickname it “la Plante” the plant. I presume this is meant to be amusing, but by this point I’d already taken a dislike to her, so it merely confirmed my negative feelings.


Sadly, the four and a half is now rounded down to four. Nothomb es peculiar a la hora de metaphyaique y de presentar personajes y eso es algo que siempre me resulta interesante aunque a veces me cueste.

Her work grows tubds richness and depth precisely through her playful de- and reconstruction of various literary genres, sub-genres and movements, as well as pastiching of fragments of fairy tales and fantasy fiction. To me, “The Character of Rain” is not as powerful a study of childhood as “Loving Sabotage” by the same author, but it is a very good book nevertheless, full of whimsy, wisdom, and humor.

Amélie Nothomb

The Character of Rain – US. Nothomb attempts to show how an “it” transforms into an “I” – how the human identity is formed. Their enthusiasm does not last long though, because their daughter is now very active. Put briefly, the novel attempts to capture the mind of an infant.

The Character of Rain – Wikipedia

View all 5 comments. What three-year-old doesn’t constantly ask “why”? Loving Sabotage is a reassuring sequel, showing that young Japanese girl then managed the transition into the next world from infancy to childhood with spectacular aplomb. No publisher in the U.

The tube accepts the world as is — however that may be: So, for some two years, it stays in its basically vegetative state — only to awaken with a vengeance.

The Character of Rain (Métaphysique des tubes) – Amélie Nothomb

This is a book about babyhood and childhood told as if an adult could interpret how a very small child actually thinks, but also giving the child the adult abilities of talking and reading. After that, even allowing for hindsight, she claims far more knowledge and intelligence than is remotely possible, e.

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She still feels a certain affinity for tubes, identifying a vacuum cleaner as an obvious relative — and even choosing “aspirateur” vacuum cleaner as the third word she utters after diplomatically pleasing her parents by addressing them as “Maman” and “Papa”. Unfortunately, I quickly found the gimmick of the omniscient and self-centred narrator rather annoying. This describes Nothomb’s life from her birth until her third birthday.


The narrator of the novel has spent the first two and a half years of her life in a nearly vegetative state until she is jolted out of her plant-like, tube-like state, and gains a peculiar but complete awareness of the world around her.

However, elements of other her novels are considered where relevant, in particular Le Sabotage amoureux and Biographie de la faim This isn’t an absurd idea, but highly contentious nonetheless.

The few drops of genuine insight are lost in a sea of pretentious waffle. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is not a bad existence: I intensely dislike koi, or carp, waiting to be fed with their mouths open and being able to see their disgusting rubbery lips and the smooth pink tube that is their mouth cavity and digestive tract tube. Amelie Nothomb has created in her books a world in which a little child in “The Character of Rain” the narrator is Amelie herself at the age between two and three is fully developed intellectually and emotionally, able to manipulates nothpmb parents, reads, and speaks two languages.

Her ses birth happened “at the age of two and a half” and she owes the event to her Belgian grandmother or rather to Belgian white chocolate. Speravo da tantissimo tempo di leggere qualcosa della Nothombe e ora sono soddisfatta della lettura terminata. En el fondo somos criaturas con miedo.