The Ankh, The has 62 ratings and 4 reviews. Andrew said: This book introduces some interesting ideas about the origins of Electricity and the application. African Origin of Electromagnetism. ਨਾ ਕਰ ਕੇ ਹੀ ਬਣ. AFTERWORD. HERU ANKH RA SEMANJ SA PTAH. Adrift upon an electron sea. Dying of thirst how could. The Ankh African Origin of Electromagnetism by Nur Ankh Amen by Homers Simpson in Types > Presentations and the ankh african origin of electromagnetism.

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Without arican electric skin, an ankh is practically useless. This transmitter radiates UHF power to ankhs of comparable size within the vicinity. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

The Ankh, The: African Origin of Electromagnetism

A Book of The Beginnings Vol. The Africans discovered that subatomic particles, like the electron, were created when ordinary matter energy passes through a black hole. This alternate reality can be understood in the analogy of the whale, whose dorsal fin emerges when the whale surfaces for air.

Plating was in common use during ancient times as evidenced by the many words for it. Understanding of the Neb ankh was achieved at the culmination of a lifetime of study and religious discipline. University of California, Berkeley. Amir Boler rated it really liked it Nov 24, Paperbackpages. Sensitivity can be increased and with practice one can I detect the presence of high frequency waves dose by” Some highly spiritual people, are so sensitive to these waves, that their neurons can demodulate radio broadcasts, causing them to hear voices.


Want to Read saving…. After his wound was healed by Thoth, he gave the eye to Osiris to eat, which vivified and strengthened Him.

Oleg Zybailo rated it really liked it Aug 11, The electron is named electroomagnetism the Greek word for amber. Many of these curious objects are still kept secretly in private collections throughout the world. I became extremely fascinated with the symbol that seem to communicate something about my ancestral past that resonated with my very soul.

Yet no such words in Coptic a Greek-Egyptian language have survived, except in a reference to Alchemy from a variation of the word or work in metal gold.

Gottlieb, Irving M, Understanding Oscillators by A person orgin thing revered to as supremely powerful or beneficent. Most of us are unprepared to cope with the idea of a superior African science.

If I have told you earthly things and You do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things? The large capacitance of the shrine or ark could provide powerful sparks of lightning sufficient 76 African Origin of Electromagnetism to excite an ankh into oscillation, especially when electromxgnetism discharge was through the gap of a transmitting ankh circuit.

The components of a typical oscillator can be traced to the Amen Priesthood, which wielded power based on knowledge kept secret from the masses. The Lord God made trees to grow up elecrtomagnetism the ground, every kind of tree pleasing to the eye and good for food; and in the middle of the garden he set the tree of life and the tree of the Knowledge of good and evil.


A philosophy which arose from the African’s view of himself as a reflection of the God Osiris, the Ultimate Black. Neural Network Architecture, an introduction by Judith E. The Encyclopedia of Hieroglyphics states: This is the great drama of the rebirth of Asar the Resurrected One.

The Ankh, The: African Origin of Electromagnetism by Nur Ankh Amen

The word Kha ranges in meaning, from dead body or corpse to powdered medicine or simply the dust of the dead. The ideograph for pure gold is proof that the Egyptians knew that the electrolytic process led to the purest metals. Obafemi Kinsiedilele rated it it was amazing Sep 04, Trivia About The Ankh, The: William Galloway rated it it was amazing Dec 24, Auriel Rose rated it it was amazing Mar 09, What we observe is the point-like character of the electron or fin, but beneath the surface lies the greater glory of the whale.

Frances, The Isis Papers. Ruler of the late 18th Dynasty. The story in Genesis also relates the longevity of Adam and his sons, whose average life span was years. The Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being.