Aonla Plants Cultivation in India: it’s Origin, Area of Production, Climate and Soil, Cultivars, Harvesting and Marketing! Family: Euphorbiaceae. Aonla or amla or. Soils with red,black with wide range of pH can very well accomodate to planting,the fields should be deeply ploughed,harrowed. Besides fruits, leaves, bark, and even seeds are being used for various purposes. The total area under Aonla in Andhra Pradesh is about 4,

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In the subsequent years, branches should be allowed to develop. Aonla plants bear heavy crop hence may be applied following doses of aojla and manure every year. The inferior seedling trees can also be top-worked with a promising cultivar. Plants should be trained to modified central leader system. It can tolerate mild frost of Northern India, but can be damaged by severe frost.

It contain mg ascorbic acid per g of fruit.

Most of the growers sell their produce either through trade agents at village level or commission agents at the market.

The remaining half should be applied in August. Vegetatively propagated plants attain full bearing within years and may continue to bear for years of age under well managed conditions. The terms biorational pesticide and biopesticide are rapidly gaining popularity in the current climate of environmental awareness and publ The projected balance sheet of the model is cultivatkon at Annexure IV.

It is ideal for preserve and candy, owing to low fiber content. The seeds need hot water treatment 80 degree Celsius for 5 minutes to hasten germination which takes about 10 days. Irrigation is provided at an interval of days in dry summer. Infestation is severe on young flush and flowering stage. Earlier few cultivars were being cultivated. Cultivayion irrigation is required during rainy and winter cultivatiion. Average fruit weight 28 g with 3g stone. Prior to plantings the field should be deeply ploughed, harrowed, leveled and marked appropriately.


Trees are somewhat regular than Banarsi. Though culltivation are many hybrids available but to name a few are Banarasi,Chakaiya,Kanchan,francis,krishna,NA6,7,8,9 are found to give good production. Predominantly small fruited seedling, Banarasi, Francis Hathijool and Chakaiya were grown. Cultiation pulp is fibreless.

It also originated in Uttar Pradesh. Plants should be staked and shoots arising from rootstock should be removed promptly.

Aonla Plants: Aonla Plants Cultivation in India

Banana Pseudostem Weevil Management Strategies. Aonla originated in central India. Spraying of Mancozeb in the proportion of 3gm per litre of water twice first in early September and second 15 days after first application controls the spread of rust.

The large sized fruits are mostly used for preserve and candy; small sized for preparing chavanprash and trifla and the blemished fruits for powder and shampoo making. As the branches of Aonla trees often break off carrying heavy crop.

Biodiesel is a completely natural, renewable fuel applicable in almost any situation where conventional petroleum diesel is used. This dose is increased on yearly basis upto tenth year and thereafter a constant dose is given.

The young plant should be given kg FYM and the matured tree 30 to 40 kg per year during Sept-Oct In addition, application of. Indeterminate shoots are produced on main shoots, later on, flowers are borne on new definite branches. In dry are as where mortality after transplanting is usually high the seedling root stock can be raised ‘in situ’ at appropriate distance for budding with superior cloned. Foliar spray cultibation Chlorothalonil 2g or Mancozeb 2.


It originated as chance seedling of Banarasi.

It has very good demand for the industries for the preparation of various health care products also like hair oils,dye,shampoo,face creams and tooth powders. Panna aonla is famous for its bold size and absence of fibres. An agricultural methodology widely used in the USA, Europe and Japan, which efficiently utilizes modern technology for crop management, Training and pruning The main branches should be allowed to appear at a height of 0. It is heavy and cultivxtion bearer, with medium sized fruits 30g per fruit.

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Aonla Cultivation Practices: Brief Introduction of Aonla Cultivation

Fruits are light yellowish green, medium sized fruits 30—32g. Nutrition Updates for all of us Monday, January 21, Aonla Cultivation Practices. These fertilizers should be given in two split doses to mature, bearing tree once during Sep-Oct and again during April-May. After setting of the fruits the plants needs to be irrigated after fertilizer application.

Francis variety is highly susceptible followed by Banarasi. Bilgiri Rangan hills in Mysore. In severe frost prone areas the trees get killed. Shaking spoils the fruits at the ground and also many branches get broken. P and g. It belongs cultivatioj the family Euphorbeaceae.