This book Awareness & Apprehension is the translation of Imam Al-Mundhiri’s At- Targheeb Wat-Tarheeb Min al-Hadith al-Sharif. The Title can also be translated. What is the your opinion with regards the book at-Targheeb wat-Tarheeb of Hafidh al-Mundhiree rahimahullaah? And which of the two books shall I read. Description. Author: Imam Zakiuddin Abdul Azeem bin Abdul Qawi’ Al-Munziri Publisher: Maktaba Dar al Taqwa. Binding: Hard Cover Book Condition: New.

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For this purpose we have also prepared a comprehensive index.

At Targheeb Wat Tarheeb URDU PDF |

Any observation on the line of transmission that the compiler has made is retained only in the Arabic text, and scholarly discussion of a literary nature is generally done away with, and so are the Juristic verdicts.

This is helpful in tracing any hadith. As for the one who sees that he does not have the likes of this expertise then it is better for him that he reads from the book Riyaadh us-Saaliheen of an-Nawawee; since it is more refined in Hadith from at-Targheeb wat-Tarheeb and is more clear in its approach and methodology.

Then what remains is your role, either you accept the Hadith or you do not accept it.


Hardcover Description from the publisher: So with this then al-Mundhiree rahimahullaah is excused for that which he mentions from the Hadiths. Other subjects of interest: An excellent classical collection of Hadith dealing with virtues of various good deeds and targhedb to avoid some evil deeds, highly useful to anyone in the work of Enjoining the good and forbidding the Evil Da’wah.

The book at-Targheeb wat-Tarheeb of Hafidh al-Mundhiree is a good book but his selection of authentic Hadiths are not to the level of Riyaadh us-Saaliheen. Always ship fast, and great books! The Title can also be translated as ‘Encouragement and Warnings’.

At-Targheeb wat-Tarheeb (2Volume Set)

Targheb Ahaadith are narrated only targhesb give glad tidings and to warn – to create awareness and to admonish, so that one may be encouraged to do good deeds and refrain from evil deeds.

Ahaadith in this book are selected from different source books of Hadith on different subjects, like deeds that fetch varying degrees of reward, and wrongs that call for retribution.

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In translating the Ahaadith, the translations of targgeeb scholars Like Hadhrat Shaykh Zakariyya or the author of Mazaahir al-Haq had been under observation The translation, therefore, is helpful not only to put the ummah on righteousness but also to preach and invite people and pursue the mission of Da’wah. Since Riyaadh us-Saaliheen of an-Nawawee is more refined in Hadith than it.


That targherb since he has clarified the grade of majority of them and the condition of the narrators that have been spoken about [i.

The translation is in simple English and wherever necessary, a brief commentary is added. What is tarhgeeb your opinion with regards the book at-Targheeb wat-Tarheeb of Hafidh al-Mundhiree rahimahullaah?

Darul Ishaat Pages: Al-Haafidh al-Mundhiree has given a biography of each one of those narrators whom he has mentioned and he speaks regarding them at the end of the book. This Darul Isha’at edition has serial numbers of Hadith in sequence, as aat of each chapter. And which of the two books shall I read at-Targheeb or Riyaadh us-Saaliheen?

But the ruling upon the Hadith from the point of view of the terminologies that tarherb has employed is in need of expertise in this subject matter, so whoever finds in himself this expertise then there is no harm in him reading the book at-Targheeb and benefiting from that which it contains.