Discover the new models, those that remain true to the original. Variety, quality, attention to detail – these are our principles. request your items brochure. Die Auhagen GmbH, Marienberg / Sachsen, liefert Modellbahnzubehör in den Nenngrößen H0, TT und N. Dazu gehören Catalogue · Catalogue Ordering. Please follow our tip written in catalogue or at The replication of cast iron colums is very filigree, with trueto original slope to conduction of.

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Over the years, however, was often rebuilt and grown.

It is used in depots to load coal onto the locomotives and for other loading jobs. Besonders attrak- tiv ist die fein detaillierte Ziegelstruktur kombiniert mit einer Holzverkleidung. Es wurde originalgetreu rekonstruiert. Also includes steel pens, water hydrant for washing down the dock and appropriate signs.

H0 Baukastensystem Modular system But pay attention to pre- treat the wall with a commercial primer. Boiler house x x mm Smokestack: Mit vorgebautem Blu- menfenster.

The number of segments should be determined before commencement of caalogue building work. But it is not only characteristic of Saxony. Later additions are not possible.


Homepage | Auhagen GmbH, Marienberg/Erzgebirge, Modellbahnzubehör H0 TT N

This design was mainly used by local authorities. Dem Bausatz liegen alle Teile zum Variieren bei.

Allge- meine Beschilderung liegt bei. The main building is a timber structure clad with attractive wooden paneling gi- ving the building a Scandinavian appea- rance.

Originalmodell The real building on which this model was replicated is located near Schwerin on the railway line from Hagenow to Zarrentin. Durch unser Angebot an Einzelteilen der Art. For trams, buses and lorries, or for use as a workshop. Eine Probe dieses Vorgangs mit andersfarbigen Kunststoffteilen aus der Bastelkiste cata,ogue hilfreich.

There are plywood hardboard, drywall, concrete and plastered wall. Ballast track made of real stone Sharp-edged natural material for track bedding, construction sites, roads, paths and transport goods. Rural type railways, similar to the one at Wittenburg, were also built in cities, only larger, of course.


Height can be adjusted from 29 to 71 mm x 30 mm The road scale has a pit covered with woo- den blocks. Ein typischer Zweckbau, wie man ihn in Mitteldeutsch- land findet. Additional accessories for Era III included. Die Tore sind aus stabilem Karton in Lasercut- Technologie hergestellt. The villa is a very attractive edifice. The set-up and organisation are professional, and the interaction with Auhagen is super.


It can be used as a railway bridge for sin- gle-track traffic and the height can be lo- wered by means of break-off lines. Doors can be opened. An- bau am anderen Giebel. Bitte beachten Sie dazu unseren Basteltipp im Katalog oder unter www.

The original brick facade has datalogue lovingly reproduced, along with such details as the clock and lamps, to bring the charm of both eras to your layout.

Auhagen Newsletter

Use substructures to com- pensate height differences at the narrow gauge railway dispatches. The old tank farm was rebuilt for safety reasons.

Authentic historical model of the prototy- pe in Dresden-Pieschen. On three of your girders, you will need to cut off the small, rounded section at the front.