Dr. Greg Bahnsen and Dr. Gordon Stein debated this question at the University of This debate has influenced a large number of people. This is the famous formal debate between Dr. Bahnsen and atheist promoter Dr. Gordon Stein held at the university of California (Irvine) in Hear how hard. Greg L. Bahnsen (September 17, – December 11, ) was an American Calvinist The debate with Stein marked one of the earliest uses of a transcendental argument for the existence of God (TAG). In a controversy emerged.

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The Great Debate | Greg Bahnsen vs. Gordon Stein – mp3/pdf

I would disagree with you. They are answered by the use of certain methods, though, that are the same; reason, logic, and presenting evidence, and facts.

Stein has any better answer than to just engage in name calling.

The question is not whether adherents of these system have lived spotless lives but whether atheism or Christian theism as philosophical systems are objectively true. Arguments over conflicting presuppositions between vorldveiws therefore must be resolved somewhat differently and yet still rationally than conflicts over factual existence claims within a worldview or system of thought.

And if he does what kind of logic is he using? They also, an atheist is not someone who denies that there is a god.

In Romans the first chapter Paul says God is making himself known continually to all men and persuasively so that men do not have an excuse for their rejection of the existence of the Christian God.


As far as my rebuttal, or excuse me, my closing statement, I need to deal, I think first of all, and perhaps in the entire time analyzing this remark that my statements have been tonight irrational. Now in an atheistic universe what are the laws of logic? The answer is that God created the world. Atheists and Christians can equally be found emotional, unlearned, intolerant or rude in their approaches. They become, therefore, somewhat like rules of grammar.

I will try to straighten him out. For the most complete collection of materials by Dr. As universal they are not experienced to be true. Stein never seemed to quite enter into that framing of the issue. Stein, who is an atheist, has said—and I think this is close to a quote—if there were no uniformity science would be impossible. So on what basis, in an atheist universe, is science possible? Never since then have we witnessed such a masterful presentation of presuppositional apologetics.

Of course there are, in a sense, subgroups within our own society that might think that way. Stein and I quote: We have never seen in our time nature go out of her course but we have good reason to believe that millions of lies have been told in the same time. This is not true although they are mostly the same. The Great Debate as it has been dubbed is the now-famous interaction between Dr.


The problem arises when Dr. I mean, why did god do it, if you want to be a little bit more nasty.

And this is what an atheist says about the existence of god. Stein when the issue becomes the existence of God because he demands that the theist present him with evidence for the existence of God.

Does God Exist? Bahnsen vs Stein (Debate Transcript)

He says that I do not have an answer to these questions either. While there, he completed his studies at USC, receiving his Ph. The first cause argument also called the cosmological argument, it says that everything must have a cause, therefore the universe had a cause and that cause is god.

You have a naturalistic worldview I have a supernaturalistic one. In fact, to prove god from the Bible is standing things on its head. He says that steih of logic are the same everywhere. Stein to take the opposite side and say no, God does not exist.

Greg Bahnsen – Wikipedia

It has a mathematical and linguistic basis. Okay, the subject of his doctoral dissertation in at Ohio State. He first began reading the apologetics of Cornelius Van Til when in high school.

Now sttein like myself will gladly and readily do so.