Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream [Barbara Ehrenreich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The New York Times. Bait and Switch has ratings and reviews. Trevor said: Part of ” Barbara Ehrenreich is our premier reporter of the underside of capitalism.” — Dorothy. 5 quotes from Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream: ‘This advice comes as a surprise: job searching is not joblessness; it is a jo.

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The life coaches were particularly frightening. The book acknowledges that many job fairs, which are aimed primarily at vait collar employment, are usually provided at no cost. That’s the real crisis — how we, as a society, are accepting excuses from our government and our employers that increasing limit our options and keep us at a perpetual disadvantage that is not static but spiraling downward.

Bait and Switch

In Ba The New York Times bestselling investigation into white-collar unemployment from “our ehrenrejch reporter of the underside of capitalism”–The New York Times Book Review Americans’ working lives are growing more precarious every day.

The Futile Pursuit of the American Dream ” “. And perhaps this is the point switcb the book — to show the absurdity of the whole system. Having been through the white-collar lay-off process and I choose to say “lay off” instead of “in transition” since it is more honestI have to agree with Ehrenreich. She ends with a call to the unemployed to organize and get involved to lobby for improvements.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Solo job searching is miserable enough, but even less fulfilling is networking, which Ehrenreich fondly imagines as ‘a freewheeling exercise in human sociability, possibly involving white wine’. I read Nickel and Dimed when I was a low wage retail worker, so I thought it appropriate to read Bait and Switch now that I work in the corporate world.

Bait and Switch – Barbara Ehrenreich – – Allen & Unwin – Australia

Barbaea feels less like she, as an outsider and someone “above” the work she was doing was looking down in disapproval. I’m fairly certain I would not have hired her either. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.

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babara Trivia About Bait and Switch: So, I pursued survival jobs – I got certified as a massage therapist, and then discovered that landing a job at a spa or gym was just as bad as any of those sales jobs with insurance companies.

She devotes a couple of chapters and a conclusion to analyze this, but the majority of the book is focused on her meetings with career coaches and the sessions she attends under their guidance. Retrieved 14 August Not so certain why people reaect negatively to this book. This is a fascinating book — one I enjoyed very much. Her intent was to go undercover as she did in her other book but sadly didn’t get very far.

Barbara Ehrenreich is an American journalist and the bestselling author of sixteen previous books, including the bestsellers Nickel and Dimed and Bait and Switch. Apr 24, Jean Kelly rated it liked it. Aug 05, Skywalker rated it liked it. Barbara Ehrenreich is a good writer and is able to make this discouraging commentary of Nait life an interesting, and at times humorous, reading experience.

I am always at least a bit put off by investigative writers and documentarians who put themselves at the heart of the story they tell. Networking events she attended ended up being masked religious movements this was incredibly interesting-I’d recommend reading the book for this account alone.

This turned into paid internships at prestigious accounting firms while I was in University, and a great job as a financial analyst upon graduation. Henry Holt and Company.

Bait and Switch Quotes

But until I reach that transcendent point, I seem to vait stuck in an emotional space left over from my midteen years: In this case, she decided to pseudonymously penetrate the corporate world instead and then write about the way in which things ehrenreic in reality in a similar manner to her earlier book in this case adopting her maiden name as a cover.


On Not Getting By in America. Ehrenreich accepts most of her coaches and counsellors at their own estimation, however loopy. Or Patrick, the motivational speaker whose shtick is to blame jobseekers for their own misfortune, but who gives off a depressed, ‘death-of-a-salesman vibe’. The Futile Pursuit of the American Dream.

Conditions described in this book can only have gotten worse since then. OK, so it may be that the blue and pink collar work force is easier to love than middle management. I don’t think that this book is as problematic for me as “Nickel and Dimed” in that I don’t think it was as much of a stretch for her to undergo the premise for this work.

These folks are lead to believe it is not the system that is the probem, it is them! The whole thing ehtenreich left a bad taste in my mouth and overshadowed the real problems that people in this situation face.

As she did with entry level work in Nickeled and Dimed, she set out to infiltrate this world as an undercover journalist by getting this type of job. Barbara decides to try to get a job in the corporate world — she tries for a year. Or else they’re borderline loopy – like Morton, who enlists dolls of the characters from the Wizard of Oz to illustrate his personality tests Ehrenreich is ‘a tin man with a little lion thrown in’.

Bait and Switch (book) – Wikipedia

However, she never made it past the networking, career coaching, and resume tweaking stage. As her book begins, she reclaims her maiden name, fudges her resume and prepares to enter the world of corporate PR.

She lives near Key West, Florida. Point of view Tips on technique 4: