This scanning radio has been manufactured so that it will not tune to the radio frequencies assigned by the FCC for cellular telephone usage. BCDT. BCDT – Click image to view in full. Uniden’s Base/Mobile Digital . Easier to Read BCDT/UBCT Manual · BCDT User Manual · Control. BCDT – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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The first condition is heading for the Location.

Uniden BCD996T Owner’s Manual

Set Delay Time Choose a delay time to set how long the scanner stays on a transmission after it ends. Set Serial Port allows you to set the baud rate for the front and rear serial ports. If no systems are programmed ‘ No System Stored ‘ appears.

Then, the scanner prompts you to save other channel settings. Custom Alerts — For each alert in the scanner such as channel alert, Close Call alert, emergency alertyou can select from 9 different tone patterns and also set the alert volume level independently from the main volume level.

With this scanner, you select conventional ‘Systems’ or trunking ‘Sites’ to scan that have channel ‘Groups’ stored within the ‘Systems’. To edit the location details press E Yes. Editing a Custom Search allows you to edit the 10 custom search ranges. Pause lets you select how long the scanner waits after a hit before it returns to the previous operation.


Similarly, if you program a channel as FM that is transmitting in NFM mode, the audio will be too quiet as compared to correctly programmed channels. Editing A Channel Group Name The channels and IDs aren’t numbered so they can be hard to find if you have a lot of them in a group.

In all major metropolitan areas of the United States, every available radio channel is assigned to more than one user. It meets this condition when the current speed exceeds the speed that is set in Set Speed Limit. The LCD screens shown here are only a few of many that you will see while in different modes.

Uniden Scanner BCDT User Guide |

Select the Channel Set Modulation Auto — the scanner uses the default modulation for the channel. Hold on any system or digital conventional frequency to monitor. The control channel is continually transmitted to the field units and has a sound similar to listening to a boat engine over the phone in manual mode; you won’t hear this when you are trunking the system. Scroll to ‘ Rvw ID: Pageyou are ready to enter the exciting world of trunk tracking.

Explicit mode systems include all information needed to determine voice frequencies on the control channel. P25 Adjust Level this is a hidden setting accessible only by turning off the radio and pressing Hold when you turn the scanner back on.

All settings and data saved on the Slave scanner will be erased.


Uniden Bearcat BCDT Digital Scanner BCD

Contact the Uniden Customer Service Center or take it to a qualified repair technician. You must use either the supplied antenna or an electrically correct outdoor antenna, properly and safely mounted at your chosen site.

Care And Maintenance Do not use excessive amounts of water. If you want to save the any of these frequencies permanently, you need to store them using Storing a Displayed Manuaal when scanning this system. The scanner looks for active frequencies within the band s and ‘ Search and Store ‘ appears in the display. For each scanner, press Menu. Custom 1 SRCH 1: Optimizing P25 Performance Since the trunking bdc996t might send a call and its response on different frequencies, it is difficult to listen to trunked communications using a conventional scanner.

Wired cloning between other models to the BCDT is not possible. Viewing Memory Used You can’t start Key-Safe mode and Startup Configuration at the same time i. This setting determines whether the scanner will scan this group of channels.

Stores location, direction of travel, and speed. Scroll to set the AUTO decode threshold bcf996t level to a setting that most closely matches the site’s optimum decode threshold. When you turn power back on, it resumes the previous mode.