In BFG, they are a very strong fleet against all but the Necrons. In BFG the Eldar are represented by three lists, Corsair Eldar, Craftworld Eldar. Can someone familiar with BFG tabletop tell me how 6 new factions Eldar Corsairs are good old Craftworld Eldar we had in game 1 but with. From For everyone, who want to know more about the other Factions of the Eldar race. 😉 Dark Eldar.

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And too claim there are 2 Pirate battleships I don’t understand it when you say the Craftworld has 4. But look at the Imperial Navy or Chaos cruisers: Congratulations, that was the stupidest remark the entire wargaming community has managed to produce in a long, long time. Corsair Eldar is likely the one most likely to be encountered craftworod space by merchants and elldar alike and equally likely to be the last encounters by these ships as well.

Strengths of weapons, holofield and double movement are available to all Eldar ships. Both the Solaris and Aurora are Forgeworld models and as an American, this means both will cost more money wise as well.

First up is the Hemlock, essentially a flying lance. In my opinion the craftworld fleet designs and lists are poor indeed.

Craftworld Craftorld fleet Eldar Pirate fleet View results. This site uses cookies. While Eldar batteries are indeed great and 5 of them are even better, for 65 points they are a tad expensive. Last edited by admiralpain ; Apr 22, Of all the biological races, the Eldar are the oldest still interactive with the younger races such as humans, orks, and tau.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Since a lance is the best Eldar weapon, this is a great option for only 40 points each. The IN cruisers are shown separate but could be potraited the same as said Eldar ships.


BFG: Craftworld Eldar Dragon Ship – EPIC ADDICTION

The final weakness of the Eldar is that holofields do not work against Necrons. The last ship available in the Corsair Eldar list is the Void Stalker battleship. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The Aurora at points also has 4 hits points but is armed with 4 torpedoes and 2 lances.

December 29th — Imperial Knights Dethroned. You are commenting using your WordPress. On the defense Eldar ships are protected by holofields. Eldar lances can re-roll successful hits, yes successful hits, for up to three hits. Shadow Cruiser by Arithon. Can anyone propose a good CWE list?

Corsair Eldar Void Stalker 1 model, 2 game variants, 1 being unofficial Eclipse 1 model, 1 game variant Shadow 1 model, 1 game variant Aurora 1 model, 1 game variant Solaris 1 model, 1 game variant Hellebore bf model, 1 game variant Aconite 1 model, 1 game variant Nightshade 1 model, 1 game variant Hemlock 1 model, 1 game variant Craftworld Eldar Flame of Asuryan 1 model, 1 game variant Dragonship 1 core model – with 4 different weapon combinations, 4 game variants Wraithship 1 core model – with 4 different weapon combinations, 4 game variants Shadowhunter 1 core model with – 2 different weapons, 2 game variants In the rules doc they could have made a separate entry per Dragonship variant but they didn’t.

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[BFG] Which Eldar fleet – Forum – DakkaDakka

Such analysis of strengths and weaknesses will likely result in Eldar fleets being a predominantly escorts based fleet. Craftworlld without their aid the gothic sector would have fallen to chaos.

Times and dates in your local timezone. When striking hit as hard as you can but if you cannot or were unlucky and did not, never linger.

The Eclipse is the only cruiser with launch bays 4 and this alone makes this cruiser worthy of consideration. What are your main beefs with design and list?

So, I was just wondering. Start a New Discussion. Remember that in BFG higher leadership facilitates special maneuvers and actions in the form of Special Orders. Overall I believe both of these weaknesses are more than well compensated by the strength of the holofield and enhanced Eldar maneuverability. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.


It is by tea alone I set my mind in motion. The next cruiser is the Shadow for points with 6 hits points, 4 torpedoes and 12 batteries. Like the other also rans in the game such as Dark Eldar you get a handful of units to use. Similarly priced at points would be 2 Hellebores that are over priced in themselves so I am not sure the Aurora is worth taking either.

As luck would have it however, I have recently finished up my Craftworl Eldar Dragon ship model, the last unpainted model in my recently featured Craftworld Eldar fleet. I sure hope they’ll do further campaigns, random skirmishes with new fleets aren’t the real deal at least 4 me. Thus ends the fisrt lesson on facing the dread Eldar in the icy depths of space.

BFG: Craftworld Eldar Dragon Ship

I know the corsairs in-game currently have craftworld favours, but what if we could have dlc to add craftqorld to the Eldar fleet. Asyran View Profile View Posts. Email required Address never made public. When on the attack, concentrate your fire on enemy battery ships first, hitting the enemy toward his rear. I don’t know where to start, having only played the game a few times.

And indeed the cruiser or escort vary by the fact which weapons you give them and in which combo. I hope everyone is doing well and getting lots of hobbying done. When you move in the ordnance phase, position your ship defensively to be abeam of your opponent batteries. Just compare the Flame of Asuryan is equal to the Void Stalker.

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