Boost the quality of IBANs and BICs in SEPA paymentsThanks to SWIFT’s new BICPlusIBAN Directory, sending banks can validate the IBANs. The data files used to populate BICPlusIBAN directory must be obtained from SWIFT directly. The sample BICPlusIBAN directory from SWIFT OTD Library is only. This is optional. If such a resource is not available BIC codes are not validated. Ony one of BIC or BICPlusIBAN directory must be present.

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For the selected combination, you have to specify the settlement mode. If you opt to settle a contract with an instrument, you should specify the type of instrument that you would use.

Validate SWIFT BICPlusIBAN Activity

Whenever the queue exceeds the maximum size specified in the BIC maintenance, the system automatically splits the queue into multiple queues to contain the message within the specified limits. Otherwise, the account number of pay and receive will be fetched from field In the Settlement Instructions screen you would have maintained the settlement accounts for an entity, module, currency and branch combination.

On an existing BIC code record, you can perform any of the following operations if a function under the Actions Menu is disabled, it means that the function is not allowed for the record:. If an arrangement does exist you can select the Yes option from the option list.

You can specify this in the Charges Details section, in the main Settlement Instructions screen. You have to specify the module of the transactions that have to be settled using different modes. In the Generate MT screen, you can select the receiver of the message.


Specify whether charges for the message are to be borne by the bicolusiban ourselves or the beneficiary, or will be shared. You can indicate the mode of sending advice to beneficiary here. This field is populated with the institution from which sender received the funds.

2. The Settlements Service

Select the appropriate sub-type code to be mapped to the Dieectory. Here you can indicate the no of transactions to be included in an MT message.

For transactions involving any relationship pricing benefit scheme, the customer specific exchange rate derived by adding the original exchange rate and the customer spread maintained for the relationship pricing scheme, gets displayed here. The account number should be a valid account with the bank that you biclusiban in the BIC Code field.

Updating BICPlusIBAN

If no selection is made for AWI in the Parties tab 1 screen, then all accounts of ultimate beneficiaries existing in the system will be appear for selection. If you choose a specific module for maintaining settlement instructions, then you can choose any Product available under the module from the option list provided. The details entered in virectory Intermediary field in the Settlement Instructions screen.

This could be instructions or additional information for the Receiver, Intermediary, Account With Institution or Beneficiary Institution. All settlements are, typically, made using accounts. You can define the default values for fields in MT messages that are generated in respect of contracts involving the customer.

Cover details for local clearing will capture Clearing Network. In addition, you can maintain the details of the various intermediaries involved in payments and receipts.

In the Settlement Instructions screen you would have maintained the default values for fields in MT messages that are generated in respect of contracts involving an entity, module, currency and branch combination.


The sender to receiver information maintained in the settlement instructions can be defaulted in the field 72 in the confirmation messages. You can specify a maximum of six instructions bifplusiban here.

Directort screens contain fields that can capture details of all the possible parties through whom the funds involved in a contract can pass. The format of the message depends on the type of S.

If the bank is not a customer of your bank, you will have to manually enter the name and address of the bank. Check this box to enable this option. This field can contain reference numbers, invoice numbers or any other details, which will enable the Beneficiary to identify the transaction. This product will be used when the settlement account gets credited.

This field would be filled up only if the Regulatory Reporting for all the underlying FT Contracts are the same. For Customer transfers, this would be a user enterable field. If you direcgory that cover is through local clearing, you need to maintain the cover details in the Diectory Details tab.

This field gets populated based on your entry in the Receiver Correspondent field in the Settlement Instructions screen. In the above screen, you can base your queries on any or all of the following parameters and fetch records:. It is in reality the bank, which services the account of the ultimate beneficiary.

In the Parties screen, you can capture details of all parties involved in a contract. The Messaging system, on the other hand, handles the generation of settlement messages.