Latest Current Affairs in December, about Bobanum Moliyum. Crisp news summaries and articles on current events about Bobanum Moliyum for IBPS. The Malayalam film Bobanum Moliyum, released on April 30, , was based on some of the cartoons published in the magazine with a few.

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Now, they promise a laugh riot on TV”.

Elections are declared in the panchayat. Pages using deprecated image syntax Character pop Converting comics character infoboxes. Boban and Molly Malayalam: The Malayalam film Bobanum Moliyumreleased on April 30,was based on some of the cartoons published in the magazine with a few additional characters.

Bobanum Moliyum Comedy – Puthiya Veedu

The strips generally narrates the mischievous antics of the six-year-old, who constantly puts moliymu parents and teachers in a spot of trouble. Toms achieved enormous success and fame through Boban and Molly, and became one of the most influential comic artists in Kerala. His inspiration for the twin brother and sister were two naughty kids who stayed next to his ancestral home in Kuttanad. The themes of the cartoons varied from childish adventures and pranks to contemporary social and political issues.

Retrieved from ” https: The Prime Minister announces a special award for the school and invites two students and a guardian to New Delhi. The controversy became a debating point in the local media and later attracted the attention of the national media.

Moliuum achieved enormous success and fame through Boban and Molly. It is known that Toms named Boban and Molly after two children in his neighbourhood who one day came to him and asked him to draw their picture.

Adoor Bhasi excelled in his role. They also undertake to protect the family. The titles are shown in the backdrop of Toms sketching, writing the cartoon strips and the printing of the magazine. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The political and social issues are predominantly discussed in the series produced in the later period.

The music composed by Joseph Krishna became popular and the film went to become a box-office hit. The villagers vow to abstain from politics during the panchayat elections. The villagers nominate Boban, Molly and Uppai Mappila to receive the award.

Bobanum Moliyum (film) – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The villagers, under the leadership of Uppai Mappila, join to meet the demands of the students.

A little dog owned by the Pothan family.

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The character is famous for his impish pranks and innocent retorts. A local court temporarily restrained Toms and permitted Manorama to continue publication of the Boban and Molly. Mollyum hail from a middle class Christian family in central Travancore.

Bobanu film ends vobanum the scene of their train journey to New Delhi. February 26, It was first published in and has been in print ever since. A few children who were locked up in a classroom to protect them from the agitators are rescued by the headmaster who unfortunately succumbs to the burns. This page was last edited on 20 Septemberat The story of the film starts with the magazine reaching the hands of the readers.

The dog can be seen with the moliyun in almost every panel. The author often uses Ashan to introduce and explain contemporary events and political changes in the society. The main characters of the series, two year-old twins. Toms joined Malayala Manorama, the most popular daily in Blbanum, as a cartoonist inand worked there till retiring as an assistant editor in June After leaving the Malayala Manorama, he started publishing the strip in the magazine Kalakaumudiagainst which the Manorama went to court.


Toms Publications formerly Malayala Manorama and Kalakaumudi.

The students under the leadership of Boban and Molly go on a hunger strike against the political parties whose actions destroyed their school and killed their headmaster. Boban and Molly are characters of a comic series created by VT Thomas, popularly known boanum his pen name Toms. As a film based on a cartoon series with a strong message.

Boban and Molly, twin brother and sister from the rural environs of central Travancore became popular in Kerala through the Malayala Manorama weeklywhich published the strip for almost four decades. Views Read Edit View history. It was only after an infamous legal battle with Malayala Manoramathe “Toms Magazine” came into stands. The naughty children are loved by the entire village.

It is said that Toms even influenced the way a Malayali read a magazine — from back to front— thanks to his strip which appeared in the back pages of the Malayala Manorama weekly. Master Sekhar and Baby Rajani also impressed. The comedy track involving Bahadur and Vettoor Purushan created moments of laughter. The English version of the title logo of Boban and Molly comics. The love affair between Balan and Nalini forms sub-plot of the film.

The comic was first published in through a popular Malayalam weekly and the characters became household names among Malayalis. The supporters of the rival political parties assemble at the school ground.

The clash between the followers of two parties results in the school building being torched. The foolish president of the Kizhukkamthookku gram panchayat.