GEOGRAPHY CLUB by Brent Hartinger (HarperCollins, ). Russel Middlebrook has a secret from even his best friends at high school, that he’s gay. But an. “We just choose a club that’s so boring nobody in their right mind would ever in a million years join it. We could call in the Geography Club!”. A closeted gay high school sophomore narrates Hartinger’s uneven yet realistic first novel. The story starts out strong, when Russel meets a jock from his school, .

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Highly recommended – and I am very pleased to see there are three more books in the series.

His quiet, workaholic father is a staunch believer in avoiding any kind of conflict. They both started having crush on each other. Star quarterback Bobby Framingham, one of the most talented high school football players in California, knows he’s different from his teammates.

If winning Tim’s heart was an impossible quest, keeping it would prove even harder as family, society, and emotion threaten to tear them apart. You just have to repsect their time.

Is this something I’m not getting? The Token Bitch Beard 2. They often make classic mistakes such as being mean, condescending, and betraying each other out of fear and petty grievances. Again, no much courage among these boys and girls, and surprise surprise, for once the hero of the novel, Russel, is not an hero at all, on the contrary he is actually the one who will behave in the worst way against another kid.

And this book is about getting through that and also about fr It is my second read of this book. Adam Silvera Narrated by: The characters are so well done and the main character is so insightful that you really come to understand the pressures the other characters are under.


Obviously one thing leads to another, and some people hook up, lie to their friends, fake being straight, do terrible things to other kids to fit in, and rise and f Substantially better than Harrtinger Joe.

Geography Club : Brent Hartinger :

This may not be a high school story you wish happened to you but it also is one that some geogrsphy may relate to. Nov 20, Dig rated it really liked it. A coming of age story in the same vein of John Hughes, Tales from Foster High shows an unflinching vision of the ups and downs of teenage love and what it is like to grow up gay.

BEN thinks the universe needs to mind its business. And amazingly enough, there’s a boy he meets with the name GayTeen– who not only lives in his town, but also attends his high school. May 06, Nicole lost in the book’s world rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is my second read of this book. I live in Seattle, Washington, geovraphy my partner sinceMichael Jensen. While surfing the Internet one night, he finds chat rooms for different towns and cities, where you can talk to other peo Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.

My first Josh Hurley as a narrator, and he is a perfect choice for this sweet, funny and enlightening YA novel about friendship, finding yourself, about first love, and Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

I’m glad for the existence of this book for the incorporation of queer teens in YA lit, and it does address some themes that are fairly universally felt by nonfictional queer kids. Maybe because of the pacing?


Geography Club

Realistic story about today’s gay youth. When they bond over their mutual damage during a night of history tutoring, Kyle thinks maybe his life has changed for good. As a younger reader, I may have felt more favorably toward this book. Will Russel ultimately choose popularity and sacrifice his personal values, or will he be true to himself and remain a loser?

Gunnar persuades Russel to go on a second double date with the girls, this time at a cabin outside town. The emotions developed by the events hartinver unfold, are never belittled or oversimplified. So the characters are, for hatringer most part, believable, but the high school itself felt completely false, as cliche as “the jocks” or “the nerds” were.

As I said, no one of the above kids are heroes, and no one wants the burden of being the gay kid at school; they decide to misguide their gay club for a Geography Club, so boring geobraphy one will want to join. The voices of these characters feel very real, no matter how unglamorous or uncool as they may be received.

As most high school books are but this book was real. For the play, see Geography Club play.

For me, Russel made the right decision in the end. Greg Howard Narrated by: For the last twenty years, I have made my living writing just about everything that involves words.

I’ve been wanting to read this for a long time but I’ve tried to keep my expectations low.