Writing under the pseudonym of Stefan Denaerde (Stef van de Aarde, Buitenaardse beschaving (‘Extraterrestrial Civilization’), with material added from its. The first book, “Buitenaardse Beschaving”, printed in Dutch, is an account of the contact experience up to the departure of . Stefan Denaerde and W. Stevens. Buitenaardse beschaving: De planeet Iarga. Front Cover. Stefan Denaerde. N. Kluwer, – Interplanetary voyages – pages.

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It appears to be a socialist heaven, and as such is rather misleading. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

The available area of land is. Scott Park rated it did not like it Jun 29, You have remarkable self-control.

Ook interessant is dat Matt verklaart dat ze het best zichtbaar waren wanneer het zonlicht reflecteert op het oppervlak van het object. Write beschavibg customer review. I felt again the uncertainty of yesterday, a reaction to their obvious superiority and self-assurance. These details have been recounted many times in the local and global news media.

Stefan Denaerde 40 jaar later ยป Frontier World

Each unit was roughly sixty by sixty feet and eighteen feet high, completely finished with glass, furniture, household machines, communication system, and so on, divided into two layers or floors.

Our stupid way of sharing prosperity causes so-called over-production and we resist automation for the sake of employment, while the majority of our world-population lives in poverty. Klik hier om dit blog als uw startpagina in te stellen! In three places, powerful blue-white lights, flanked by orange lights, flashed.


This was one huge recreation area, with its rugged mountains and beautiful waterfalls. How the Iargans can develop and build such mechanical monsters is a mystery to me. They started the radiation device working with the film. Kevin Randle Queries Stanton Friedman.

What do they use, then? Their unearthly, somewhat animal, faces, with a dynamic expressive ability, emphasized the difference in our places of origin to such an extent that I am convinced it touches areas that to Us are still taboo, and which have been since time began. I was real weak, my knees felt weak. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. The frequency was so high that timetables were unnecessary.

When, buitenwardse example, they see that it is necessary that the public have a choice of five different types of television sets, then they dennaerde that these are produced. A strange and dramatic scene; on the Oosterscheldt a man is confronted with an alien intelligence. Earthly Marxism makes the fault of thinking that all people are good, and that only their social and economic situation makes them “bad”; change their situation and the problem is solved.

I was trying to get some words out, I wanted to see what they were going to do with me, you know.

UFO Contact from Planet Iarga

The measure in which the sick, invalid, old or poor people are taken care of. Under this was a white shirt with a rather old fashioned high collar around the back of the neck. My indecision grew by the minute. Around the shores of the lake, numerous buildings were to be seen, among which were several gigantic combs. An animallike face, with large square pupils in the eyes, eyes which were both hypnotic and self-assured. That was his cover, but he really worked for the NSA.


It is simply based on the maximum number of people that a given land-area can accommodate.

Never would that work. The plan of creation forbids interference in the development of an ignorant race, thus the necessity for the planting of knowledge here on Earth. How long have you been here? Ruimtemensen waarschuwen voor sociale kloof De cover van het oorspronkelijke Nederlandse boek uit van Stefan Denaerde, alias zakenman Ad Beers.

Iarga, the home of these astronauts, is a planet in another solar system, not much more than ten light years away from US. Xtefan the middle was a pillar, slightly twisted, about six feet wide and beschavkng feet high. Behind the desk stood a strangely normal-looking chair with a metal frame and leather upholstery.

Stefan denaerde

He says the encounter happened around dusk and that the other time was probably incorrect. Inside is a waiting room, dirty, dull and round, a white room with no adornments ztefan a black floor.

At times it would descend behind a large tree, then reappear slowly as it came out from behind the tree. Have them put away.