When a virus makes everyone over the age of eighteen infertile, would-be parents pay teen girls to conceive and give birth to their children, making teens th . The latest Tweets from Megan McCafferty (@meganmccafferty). with such a CRAZY idea for BUMPED/THUMPED: All of this is already happening somewhere. Megan McCafferty’s Bumped series of books are must-read teen dystopian fiction , along with Ally Condie’s Matched series and Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy.

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So, 3 out of 5 stars, or maybe 3. Feb 25, nicole rated it mccaffeety it Shelves: Just know that the characters grow and mature organically; none of the situations they were presented with felt contrived.

This one so took me by surprise! It was so refreshing to read something different, something I never would’ve imagined someone would write and I laughed my ass off. I just couldn’t get past how ignorant the characters sounded, nor could I ever really quite catch on to the cheesy invented lingo. I read Bumped and I thought it was quite ridiculous, but I wanted to see if the sequel was better in some way.

McCafferty just pushes that trend a bit further. Pages and pages of indistinct and unexplained terminology and culture references. Harmony has been given to a Church family to be raised, and is, at first bum;ed, a devout Church member with a loving family, full of missionary zeal.

But I was quite fascinated by the themes and interested to see how they would be developed. Preview — Thumped by Megan McCafferty.

Bumped (Bumped, #1) by Megan McCafferty

Even as I’m writing this review I already know there are going to be a lot of people who won’t agree with me and that’s ok, because I love books that are hated as much as they are adored. However, the book is set up to follow the pattern of a developing pregnancy with the first three sections titled first, second, and third.


I am honestly not sure why Bumped and Thumped haven’t received more love from the YA community.

More titles may be available to you. But frankly, I do think that if anyone is to handle this adroitly and write a great follow up, Megan McCafferty is more than up to the task.

She seemed to serve mostly as a device to offset McCafferty’s more ex The sequel to Bumped left me satisfied. Everyone under age 18 humped this world is a liability or a commodity, and you better protect your brand if you want espall take it to the bank. That means if they don’t want to be sold for procreation, they don’t have to be.

Muestra ahora Muestra guardada Guardar muestra Ver sinopsis. It definitely is a light, easy read but overall, I think it was just too light hearted for me. I deeply enjoyed this novel and I highly recommend it as a wonderfully-written and incredibly thoughtful social dystopia. There is no flow in some so it almost seems like you aren’t reading a continuation but an entirely different story.

The first book, while not perfect, was incredibly mccqfferty the top and I’m assuming was meant to be taken as satire.

I really, really wanted to like it. I mccaffefty down at the for seriously wanked True or False quiz our teacher distributed to all of us sidelined preggers to pass the time while the rest of the c Whereas Bumped gave us strong social commentary in the form of satire without commentary, Thumped is a lot less subtle.

Jessica Darling’s It List 3

This book was so much more though. Despite what lies beneath, the actual tone of the book is much lighter, more satirical than introspective. Melody has obtained a conception contract with the Jaydens but while searching for the perfect partner for Espao to bump with she is fighting her attraction to her A virus has made everyone over the age of eighteen infertile so young teens are being used as surrogates while they are able to conceive making teens the most prized members of society.


In it she explains that the idea for this book came from the media’s fascination with teen pregnancy, from MTV’s Sixteen and Pregnant, to the obsessive news coverage of Bristol Palin and Jamie Lynn Spears. A tough book to review. Mfgan I’m just going to keep this review short.

All I can say is that someone was watching a little too many Sixteen and Bumpd on MTv and came up with this book.

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Pre-pubescent children are indoctrinated to “bump” the sex act, or to get pregnant for hire as soon as they’re able. But there was so much tension in offering the chapters alternately from each girl’s point of view that when I reached the end of one chapter, I’d often momentarily skip over the next to read the beginning of the one after that, only just remembering that I’d already done that about a dozen times.

It was the fact that all of those things are included in this book, but there is no definitive message interlaced in with these things to counteract the negative messages. Welcome to Bumped by Megan McCafferty. Now he’s getting offers to be the next Johndoe. You can still place a hold on the title, and your hold will be automatically filled as soon as the title is available again.

And they are each pining for the only guys they can’t have BUMPED is the story of twins-separated at birth, Melody and Harmony, in a near-future where a sterility virus makes it impossible to get pregnant past 18 years of age. Melody and Harmony are still very different, but I feel like they really connect toward the end of the story.