I love Jim Mortimore’s books. Words cannot adequately express the Campaign . The Doctor and his companions become separated during the years of Alexander the Great’s Persian campaign. With the TARDIS broken down and unusable. A (dis)continuity guide to the Doctor Who story Campaign. Campaign. Campaign cover. Author: Jim Mortimore. Published: October Doctor: First Doctor.

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Frederick Lopez rated it it was amazing Oct 24, In other words, if Doctor Who is an immortal concept, fanfiction is its future. And there are reams of it, comics and Lost Stories scripts and production notes. On the other hand, it’s going for surreality, so maybe that’s good? And so it becomes, in part, a matter of where a better gap exists.

Time Can Be Rewritten: Campaign (Jim Mortimore, Self-Published, 2000)

Which was presumably the aim. At the beginning of Planet of Giants, The Doctor says ” Jim Mortimore, when he wrote Campaign, was as accomplished a Doctor Who writer as one could find during the fifteen year interregnum of Doctor Who. Aleph Null rated it it was amazing Sep 12, In a cocktail party of multiple Ians, Biddies and Lolas, it’s difficult to zero in on the plight of the ones we know and care about.

Time itself a campaiign re-iterating the lives I knew so well; endlessly evolving frost-patterns of memories that never were.

Doctor Who: Campaign

Doctor Who is both copyrighted and trademarked by the BBC. Anyway, there’s also a making-of section in the back which explains a lot. Want to Read saving…. Which is fine, if you’ll indulge a moment of doctrinal vampaign. But it is a brilliant read all the same, t http: During a conversation with Barbara, the Doctor discusses his family.


Doctor Who: Campaign : Jim Mortimore :

Campaign – An Adventure in Mortimoge and Space. Henry Potts rated it really liked it Feb 24, On the other hand, on the other hand The bodies on the gears of the culture industry. Sontaran Dk rated it liked it Jan 31, I do know it left me reeling.

People who know that the names Biddy and Lola and Cliff are from original drafts of the TV characters, who recognise John and Gillian and Butch the dog, who have read “Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space” for some freak reason and who know there are continuities out there where the Doctor is actually called “Doctor Who”.

The book was commissioned, it’s by an oft-published Doctor Who author, and it’s enough of a big deal that it is explicitly ruled out of being considered in Lance Parkin’s quite insane attempt to provide a universal chronology cam;aign the Doctor Who universe.

Dogs and birds and cats and ants and books and pies and cars and lies, all dead and gone to less than dreams thes The universe is dead!

In this Game, the players discover the ten things that define a person according to Aristotle, which are substance, quality, quantity, place, time relation, condition, state, action, and passivity. The players memories, pasts and names change each time they die, so Ian becomes Cliff Chesterton, Barbara becomes Lola McGovern, and Susan becomes Bridget, amongst others.

Which means, technically, and for what is probably the first and last time, I’m writing up fanfiction here. Overall, a fascinating and frustrating read. I can see why the BBC baulked at publishing it, and in a way I’m glad they didn’t because we wouldn’t have gotten this book, they’d have insisted on numerous rewrites, and the essential magic of the story would be lost.


Referred to by the author as “version 2. Mother and father, friend and stranger, snug bound in entropy’s coffin! Apr 08, Nicholas Whyte added it. Like, woah, kudos to him to be honest. James O’Keefe rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. OK, here’s the thing.

But if you place trust in the process, a whole multiverse of alternative false? Absolutely stunning novel, which smashes all boundaries and stretches the format of Doctor Who as no other novel ever, has.

Campaign (Doctor Who) by Jim Mortimore

Like is it campwign So erm, not rating this one because You’ve mentioned the gap between series 1 and 2 previously, but I don’t see necessarily see it. This is almost, but not quite, true.

Cliff remembers a hidden duplicate of Earth, located on the other side of the Sun, a reference to Malcolm Hulkes’ unmade story The Hidden Planet. Nick Smale rated it it was ok Jun 04, You may also want to check out our Privacy Policy. Yes – I own it No – I want it No – not interested. Campaign proved to be the climax of that career, however – a novel so strange and ambitious that BBC Books declined to publish it after commissioning it, leading Mortimore to self-publish.

Everyone that ever lived, every thought that ever held meaning, every flower that ever cupped dew and every equation that ever brushed a portrait of truth—’ Somewhere inside Ian’s mind a page turned. Time and space, murdered! Paperbackpages.