Editorial Reviews. Review. “Deftly drawn. Willing Victim came out a few years before Fifty Willing Victim (Flynn and Laurel Book 1) – Kindle edition by Cara McKenna. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Read “Willing Victim” by Cara McKenna with Rakuten Kobo. A re-release of the fan favorite, with light revisions and an expanded ending. For the past. Willing Victim is definitely not a book for everyone, but if you’re interested in a I was excited to hear that Cara McKenna had regained the.

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Wow you read it as fast as me. I found Laurel both genuine and endearing. Refresh and try again.

Willing Victim (Flynn and Laurel, #1) by Cara McKenna

This book is mostly about the kinky sex and not enough about what’s inside the characters. But Laurel doesn’t and admittedly, it feels odd.

They meet by accident and immediately Laurel is drawn to him. See if you have enough points for this item. That’s what you smell like. To a casual observer, you would know to move out of his way and just let him pass.

Book Review – Willing Victim by Cara McKenna

Let’s get down to business. I always sensed that she was seconds away from fully cracking but she never did. Other books in the series. The scene where the two finally come to terms with the emotional growth of their relationship gets me every time I read it.


The book starts This not your normal love story. Thought maybe you couldn’t figure out the buzzer, Little Miss Engineer. Because I did like Flynn as a character and had no trouble finishing this book, I’m still rounding up. They had some issues but are trying to live. Flynn and Laurel’s relationship PS Thanks Tamsen Parker for introducing me to this story!

I only wish for their story was longer. This book was written really well from the third person POV and made we feel a part of the book which is always good.

Tell the guy working that Flynn invited you. While sitting in a park trying to read, another couple is having a domestic quarrel that is getting out of hand. Readers should adhere to the trigger willling that are given by Cara McKenna before reading.

And if you have yet to meet him? So if you like erotica and well written characters, then I highly recommend Willing Victim. And enjoy Flynn ladies.

I needed to know more about Laurel, and willimg time with the big, brawny, sweet, sexy Flynn would have been a major plus!! You must read Willing Victim to get more. The first scene that Laurel was just watching was victm really well. I have more good things than bad to say, just wasn’t mckennx huge hit with me.


Laurel pursed her lips. My Feelings There is a warning that the readers may find some scenes offensive. He really is a decent guy. Lists with This Book. I liked the fake forced sex. But there is an actual storyline here as well – although it really wasn’t explored quite as deeply as it could have been. The book is not meant to victiim turned into an Oscar-winning film, but man does it hit all the notes for an extremely erotic romance. This was a fantastic novella about two people with particular sexual cravings.

Since I like MMA, it was mild for me. Two people who find an easy connection outside of their passionate sexual chemistry. The sound of her name, two choked syllables rising from his throat as he gave her all the power felt like a filthy, sacred proclamation.

So, I release my feelings about the stories, by writing vctim down here. Before he gets involved with her, he’s letting her know just what sort of beast she’s poking at. A little bit more than novella length but I felt it ended as a complete story.