View NEW the Fall/Holiday Catalog by clicking the link below!!. Partylite catalogue – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Hurry, these incredibly priced items won’t last long – limited quantities! H G I. visit us online: .. Saint Gobain SG-Exercice Uploaded by. PartyLite with Marie. EVERYONE!! DON’T DELAY ~. BOOK A SHOW TODAY! to help launch the New PartyLite Catalogue in all areas. Would you be.

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I just wanted to warn consumers after reading some of the other product issues. Personally Adam deserves the whole 5 stars. Be in the know Get trending consumer news and recalls.

Thank goodness I was within eye sight of the flames. Two items were not there.

I can’t believe they still burn beautifully! So today I called PartyLite a third time. Friday, November 25, December Guest Specials. March 8, When placing an order at this company you have to go through a good 10 minute process just to finish the order. It is not a side job for the working person because they often pressure into a lot of meetings.

This is not the first time I had problems with the pillars. Here I will offer you great home decorating ideas, candle and household accessory sales, and general candle information. I love Partylite Candles, the way they burn all the way down, the scents which blow all other candles out of the water and the exclusive decor items. I sent it back to Viki for a refund, which I was supposed to get early in January The Catalogue will concentrate on our amazing wax!

First, the item didn’t arrive because it was backordered, so I had to wait a month.


Needless to say, both of those shows cancelled on me and they both got the free booking gift at my show, which I’m getting an attitude about. Monday, September 12, Great Home Decorating. Having worked as a recruiter for a couple of other direct sales businesses when I was in college, I have to say my experience with PartyLite has been a rather pleasant surprise.

Not only did she help me with invites, keep the parties lively, and do a wonderful job showing the products, but she was extremely patylite when it came to handling the orders, explaining how everything worked, and answering all of my questions.

Myself and a relative both ordered the “Champagne” warmer, which happened to be out of stock. I called PartyLite back, spoke with John-Luc. All you need to do is get your friends together this October for a fun morning, afternoon or evening. This is the first time this has happened but I have not burnt another PartyLite candle since Catwlogue am too scared if I h out of the room for any length of time, the same might happen again.

Saturday, December 17, New Catalogue January partylits I used to be a PartyLite consultant but unfortunately my full time job took over. Now to top everything off, both of the women told one of my guests that her card had cleared so she was under the assumption that it cleared I wasn’t aware lartylite the process until now, I’ve never did a home business like this before but since it hasn’t and it has now been 12 days since my show, she has to cancel her order because they told her they took the money out of her account right then and there.

On June 30, I decided to look on my account online to verify what day my order would arrive.

PartyLite/Blyth Industries

I moved to SC and PartyLite wasn’t around. Looks like it is going to be even parttylite problematic with my kit, because now I’m down even a lot more on sales with the cancelled order!


She turned the ceiling brown again and I had to repaint it again. For special holidays I would buy other brands for the catslogue of pumpkin, etc. Absolutely beautiful pieces that will also be going at the end of December. We have been using PartyLite candles for many years. She, Dana, sent my orders to Spokane. Dracula and witch are not available in Australia.

I did have an issue with a consultant that did a catalog show for a friend of mine. I once loved their candles and swore by them.

Top Reviews and Complaints about PartyLite/Blyth Industries

Tammy said parfylite knew I paid, that I was “all set” and she would personally deliver my package. The consultant was excellent – and I sent her pictures and she replaced the product.

Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. My neighbors and I have many parties and have not been able to find a reputable consultant.

PartyLite Clearance Sale – % off!

He said he knew I was upset and he wanted me to continue ordering from PartyLite so he sent my package out. Posted by Michimages at 6: Don’t give up on PartyLite.

Mulberry being the nicest and strongest scent for me. One East Weaver Street City: Donna of Sacramento, CA. I asked what the amount was for her shipping on this order and at first he would not tell me. The consultant blames the recruiter – the recruiter blames the company. Posted by Michimages at 3: The 1st catalogke is p, the 2nd 1 is p