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CCHpdf. Uploaded by Pedro Figueroa Martínez. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate. CCH (Inspection Steel Castings for HEPP Machines) – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Inspection Steel Castings for HEPP. CCH 70–2, CCH 70–3. DIN part 1, part 2. EN , EN , EN EN , EN EN , EN , EN EN , (ISO.

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Minimum penetration soaking time is 10 minutes, but longer penetration timesmay be necessary on polished surfaces, narrowdiscontinuities or at temperaturesbelow 15 “C. For Spot check inspections the following regulation will be applied: Notify me of new comments via email. If a given area should be inspected by Spot checking only, the conditions will be defined after agreement between the parties. In case a separate transmitter receiver probe is used, the surface finish shouldn’t be greater than 2S2 Ra In the absence of specification, the founder will usethe technique described in part 1.

The currents supplied may be: The magnetic particle inspection is generally carried out on as Cast, rough machined or finished surfaces, while considering that thereexists the possibility of deterioration of the parts when certain magnetization processes are used superficial burning.

The number of visible echoes on the oscillogram,Set at the maximum gain ifnecessary, should not be less than the number indicateal ontable 1 for the frequency rangeChosen with a Standard longitudinal wave probe of 20 to 26 mm in diameter. The repartition of the areas subject to the thickness of the part can be definedaccording to the legend 9. JuneCCHThesecond edition took into account theaccumulatedexperiencesduring the first years of use.


Email required Address never made public. The highly stressed areas are indicated by two concentric circles. The Designer will not be allowed to impose more severe conditions to the Founder and the Manufacturer than the ones ccn has accepted himself. The degree of the indication is expressed in equivalent diameter 1.

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As a reference, the above example contains8 indications, 3 of which aren’t taken into account. This site uses cookies. R Height of the reference curve at theSame depth.

For each new Position ofthe probe, the Position of the beam axis is marked; the outline obtained by joining the 70-33 of the beam axis defines theS surface of the defective area. The verified characteristics are: This mode of magnetization reveals discontinuities, the significant dimension of which is parallel to the direction of the current.

Magnetization mwst be maintained for a while after theliquid chc been applied, so that the indications can stabilize and inOrder not to alter the already formed indications. The valuethus Chosen must be considered as a minimum on the totality of the area inspected. Summary The present specification comprises: Its purpose is to detect possible internal defects in the parts, to designate the indications and to define the acceptance criteria.

Whendiscontinuities are located at the limits of theseareas, consultation between the Designer and the Founder or Manufactureris necessary. In case of superficial mechanical cvh e.


This report will be submitted to the Designer. Table 3 Sets for both the DAC and AVG methods, the classes of quality 1to 6 in Order of decreasing severity, the notation threshold, the area of consideration of the indications and the attenuation of the back echo.

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A magneticfield of excessive valuecan cause the appearances of aberrant indications because of Saturation. The race, the biggest international triathlon event ccj held in Vietnam, has attracted more than 1, … [Read more The Designer decides to either: Please help us to share our service with your friends. F Height of the back echo in the inspected area with parallel surfaces F0 Height of the back echo on the soundarea with parallel surfaces, of theSame thickness as the area to be inspected.

CCH 70-3EN

No other inspections exceeding those definedmay be required without mutual agreement of the interested parties. In the biggest triathlon of the year, Van Berkel, who ranked second in the race last year, clocked three hours The poles of an electromagnet fig. Thirty from that event will make it through to the World Championships in South Africa a month later.