Achetez et téléchargez ebook Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse Book 11) Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Caught up in the politics of the vampire world, psychic Sookie Stackhouse learns that she is as Dead Reckoning See All Formats (1) + . you go to bed, thinking you’re only going to read one chapter, and then you end up reading seven. As befitting the last chapter of a Charlaine Harris novel, it’s a summary of things we already know for the purposes of explaining the plot in the.

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The pitchers were full, and I managed to be pretty effective. She wouldn’t buy a garment at Wal-Mart if her life depended on it.

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Instead we received pieced together scenes that did little to explain what the overall plot even was or was supposed to be.

I’m sure I missed something along the way.

About an hour later, I was having second thoughts, but it was too late to back out of the task. She complains that Eric is excited by violence and death, but she forgave Bill for having exactly the same reaction after the Dallas incident, when the Church of the New Sun attached the vampires and Bill ran off in pursuit instead of making sure Sookie was OK.

Clearly Sookie has amnesia because she doesn’t remember that Eric has been pursuing her forever and in the fourth book my favorite reckpning even suffering from amnesia told her he loved her.


Eric had lectured me sternly that I was not supposed to talk to Bill and Thalia about my knowledge of any of the problems with Felipe. The implication being Eric knew who Niall was in connection to Sookie. It was just a reason to remind us of Sookie’s obligations toward Hunter, I suppose. I’ll have to loop back and fill in some details from the book I missed. This book does nothing to push me in one direction or the other.

Dead Reckoning

It really wasn’t a bad read all in all. Your review has been posted.

That is a highly magical object, Sookie. Not only do us fans get treated to the mistrust that Sookie has due to the bond, we get to experience Eric face pummel Pam and Sookie not having enough balls to ask why. She has manicures and pedicures on a regular basis.

I almost got the feeling that dewd she was not just worried about Eric, but that she was worried about me, too. Maybe I’m just angry because I’ve been waiting for years for this Victor charline and in the anticipation I didn’t mind how much the price of this book is higher than the previous ones. It is still worth a buy and even if a friend lend me a copy I will still pay to get my own definitely.

She was happy to be going to Vegas to provide additional security.

Dead Reckoning (novel) – Wikipedia

cchapter I suffered with 3. Eric will never be that person. Sookie will end up with Sam IMO. I miss the bad ass Eric from the earlier books and wish he would come back. However, he only decides to bring it up after the fact. This book isn’t the only one where this all happens, but it just got on my nerves this time around. Nothing strikes fear into me more than large groups of women grouped together.


While as a woman I can understand the things you want and value in a significant other, I don’t think it makes sense to for you to expect just that in something that is not human. Cbapter definitely has its advantages, one being he can come to her rescue when she ends up involved in a mess, not necessarily of her own making.

But Harris’ series just twists and turns as she comes up with more ways to keep jarris story going, there’s no overall direction. I get being upset, remorseful, even a little horrified, but I do not understand surprise at this point!!! Eric circled me to evaluate the hair situation. The fae don’t keep track of time the same way we do, but Claude was at least a century older than me. Why was this story so convoluted?