King Rat. China Mieville, Author Tor Books $ (p) ISBN Saul is snatched from the authorities by a mysterious savior named King Rat, who claims to be. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of King Rat by China Miéville. This novel is a resplendent supernatural tale moving to the brain rattling pulse of Jungle and Drum ‘n Bass. These musical styles are the natural.

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King Rat – China Mieville

It’s the first novel of His Chinaness the expression I shamelessly stole from Richard and plan to keep using for a whileand it shows. With a flute in hand and an ear for music “Pete,” as he has introduced himself as, adds his own tune to Natasha’s Jungle music mixture. The strange gentleman then claims to be the King Rat and that Saul is his nephew, half rat and a prince of the Rat Kingdom along with the legacy of rat super powers near invisiblity and monumental strength included.

I finished Perdido Street Station with heartfelt disappointment as what had the hope of being a classic, faded and ended poorly. The Piper knows he cannot win a physical fight, so he tears a hole in reality by playing his flute through which he can escape, just as he tore a hole in the mountain to hide the children of Hamelin.

Grice rated it really liked it Shelves: Gaiman fans should go read Being half rat, his two primary abilities are being able to eat anything, even garbage, and squeezing into holes and shadows too small for other creatures. As far as debut novels go, Mieville’s King Rat was pretty awesome.

Brainwashed – China Mieville, “King Rat”

Natasha and Pete have set up an act at a club, Jungle, to debut their music. She is surprised that it actually sounds good, but when the Piper makes the proposition that they perform together she initially recoils. American Gods was first published in chins Anansi was published in At one point Saul saves himself and Loplop by deafening the bird superior, making it so the Piper could not control Loplop. I’m still not quite sure how this is accomplished, nor how Saul mastered this ability, but it seems to freak his friends out and makes for a good scare.


He is insistent, and eventually she complies, despite her fears of being ridiculed by others in the scene, of being some kind of bootleg electronic Jethro Tull. It’s like if you read Dune and then read God Emperor of Dune. I am sad to admit that I mievillee not enjoy this book all that much.

Chapters Twenty-Six to end. Silhouetted in the ruined window, King Rat looked like a scene-setting frame at the start of a graphic novel” The descriptions make you live the story through all five senses – for better or for worse, considering it looks like dirt Ooboy. Reading King Rat had me appreciating the view out of the windows on my commute in a wholly different way.

And apparently eating trash gives him ninja powers! This page was last edited on 24 Aprilat He realises he is not King Rat’s nephew but his son, by way of mieviille and that everything since his father’s death has been a set up by King Rat, who must therefore be the murderer of the man Saul considers his father.


This visit leads to Pete, being revealed as the returned Piper, finding and murdering Kay. Now under suspicion for the murder of his father, Saul tries to unwrap the events of that morning. Fabian is interrogated by the police again and he realises that the flute left behind when Saul was attacked belongs to Pete.

With a great deal of dialogue and short often one-sentence paragraphs and the use of of italics for emphasis “hear the trains growling?

It grew to the point where they barely spoke. Chapters Twenty-Six to end 6 10 Aug 09, Finally, King Rat features a supremely cool villain, one of the best I have recently encountered. Part Three – Lessons mievillw Rhythm and History: Oct 05, J. Unlike his Bas-Lag novels, it is set in London during the late s. It shares all the points of yours and theirs, but none of its properties. Those scenes could have easily been cut back.


Illustration by Richard A. Preparing for the final battle, why didn’t Anansi and King Rat just wear headphones or something else to block out the Piper’s song? King Rat’s wayward subjects are turning to Saul for leadership, an unthinkable event which kicks the now cchina leader into action.

Seems likely that this was inspired by the reading of comic books. The other is the ability to somehow fall into the shadows, become a shadow, imperceptible to a world separated by half a dozen feet.

That last bit concerns mostly an aspect of the novel, impenetrable to me, that functions as an elegy to certain forms of club music, much of it Jamaican in influence. It does all this miwville a very good way.

The only real criticism I have of the story is that the author introduces a policeman who is investigating the various murders that occur during this story, but he fails to integrate the character properly.

However, when Natasha takes the stage to spin her recordsPete throws her a DATwhich has his flute samples on it.

View all 4 comments. There is an impression I have that he is searching, almost feeling his way towards his later works here. Want to Read saving…. Enter King Rat, a diminutive man who smells putrid, having lurked in places most humans would not normally go, namely the sewers. But ignoring these problems there is some really great writing throughout.