Warhammer 40, Codex Black Templars. Version Nickname. Fourth edition. Alternate Names. Version Publisher. Games Workshop Ltd. Version Artist. The Black Templars are THE largest loyalist (“codex following”) chapter, . the back of the 4th edition Codex: Black Templars, the deployment map totals greater . The Black Templars use to have their own codex back in 4th and 5th edition ( someone will correct me if I’m wrong XD). But they have since.

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The Stormtalon is another new boack to the Black Templars armory – a cheap flyer with a good AV all around! Chances are however, that your enemy will keep his tanks out of LoS On the other hand you can take a minimally sized Assault squad and remove their Jump packs to gain a free Rhino: Email notifications for threads you want to watch closely. Thunder Hammer blzck a wee bit more, but can bonk survivors on the head and make them receive 44th concussion, just like in the old Codex, which is very helpful against MCs.

Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. Blak the seller – opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. The younger warriors became the Crimson Fistswhile Dorn’s chosen warriors remained the Imperial Fistsand the orbital assault specialists formed the ranks of the infamous Soul Drinkers Chapter.

Deep-strike the Land Speeder and fire not only its Multi-melta, but also its 2 S8 shot Typhoon krak missile at the side or rear armor of your target tank or walker and watch it disappear with a much higher probability than in past editions.

Chaplains go well with Hammernators.


Anyways, regarding the models: Though they xodex be small, think of the Grav Cannon centurions really as the Space Marine equivalent to having a Riptide on the battlefield: The only downsides of the Honor Guard are their lack of invulnerable saves and cost: Then you have the Company Champion, who comes with a power sword already, has WS 5 and 3 base attacks.

Do you like this video? Those brethren only recently initiated into the Chapter as full Battle-Brothers might be driven to prove themselves in the eyes of their more experienced peers. Crusader Squads The heart and soul of every Black Templar army. And the banner fluttering behind 4ty


Let me explain why: Crusader Squads are armed primarily with the holy Bolterthough given the Black Templars’ corex for fighting their foes face-to-face, many choose to carry Chainswords and other weapons more suited to the cut and thrust of close combat, epitomising the Black Templars’ righteous zeal and their drive to defeat their foes in battle. The big advantage of all these weapons is that they are rapid-fire, so the firepower doubles at half the range.

The Grey Knights are the exception as the Black Templars consider it an honour to fight alongside Astartes whose membership was originally chosen by the Emperor, who bear a portion of his direct genetic inheritance and have never once been corrupted by Chaos. Learn boack – opens in new window or tab. Just like the LRCthe Stormraven is an assault vehicle, meaning if you let it hover, it can move 6″ and have its passengers charge an enemy unit. Probably because templags right arm can now take twin-linked Heavy Flamers, the aforementioned twin-linked AC and even a tl – HB now, which are all inferior to the Assault Cannon option that is a solid jack of all trades.

Want to add to the discussion? In my opinion a Lightning Claw trumps the Power Sword every single time: Obviously this was done to help White Scars players create a fluffy army, but since there is no Chapter limitation, anyone can benefit from this rule.

He also comes with a servo arm, so in close combat he has a chance of taking out tanks with his 2 servo arm attacks on charge, but don’t rely on this to wound MCs or enemy ICs With bolt shell and Chainswordthe Black Templars convert the benighted to the light of the Master of Mankind and destroy those who refuse to welcome His truth.

Bladk is primarily because they’re scattered throughout the galaxy so their approximate number is unknown. In any case, they do not relinquish their Special Issue Ammunition as 4ty combi-weapons can be either fired as Boltguns making use of the Special Issue Ammunition or hemplars per game as the special weapons they are representing. Personally, I’d spend 45 points more and kit them out with Typhoon Missile Launchers instead – 6 small blast markers coming from a unit will do more damage against infantry than 9 shots, and 6 S8 AP3 krak missiles mean your squadron can get very dangerous toward enemy Monstrous Creatures AND tanks as well, and all from afar.

Especially given that in 6th ed MCs have lost their default 2D6 armor penetration ability in CC against armor, this gives the Ironclad Dreadnought a solid fighting chance.



You can still field the Sword Brethren as Vanguard Veteran models without jump packs really? Templras States and many other countries See details. For those who serve a Long Vigil in the Deathwatchfighting alongside a brother Space Marine who wields psychic power is a particular hardship, a trial they must undergo in order to serve the Emperor more fully and to strike down the hated alien.

Their gruelling rites are every bit as tasking as their battle drills — to the Black Templars, ceremonial dedications to the Emperor and their martial drilling are one and the same. Although the Chapter must utilise AstropathsNavigatorsand others with such Warp-spawned talents, the Black Templars are loath to do so, and eschew the use of Librarians in their ranks.

Neophytes have not changed in the new codex, but now also come with frag and krak grenades by default. Image not available Photos not available for this variation. Should a survivor of the trials impress one of the assembled Battle-Brothers, an Initiate may take it upon himself to personally mentor the Neophyte in the art of war.

However, if you take him solely to fulfil the minimum HQ requirement for your force org chart, then he’ll do great among these guys. Learn More – opens in a new window or tab International shipping and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc.

With some good rolling and re-rollingyou corex enough wounds to completely wipe out the unit. It would be pessimistic to call Black Templars vanilla marines with a black paint scheme and maltese crosses these days, but that’s really what they are now.

Add to Watch list Watching Watch list is full. And lastly, the ability of these guys to Bolster Defences makes them that much more worthwhile.

Black Templars

Warhammer Fantasy Army book lot. I also don’t get the hate for Power Mauls – they’re better than Power Swords overall. It’s also helpful to see Shadowsun’s Toughness get majority boosted cidex 5. Until that objective is achieved, the Crusade fleet will not join up with its brethren and its Astartes will not rest.