A’Lapide’s famous commentary on the four gospels, translated into English in four volumes. THE GREAT COMMENTARY OF CORNELIUS À LAPIDE: VOLUMES 1 TO 8. CORNELIUS À LAPIDE. TRANSLATED BY THOMAS W. MOSSMAN, B.A. Flemish Jesuit and exegete, b. at Bocholt, in Flemish Limburg, 18 December, ; d. at Rome, 12 March,

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A large work in 4 vols.

But within Anglo-Catholicism two separate currents emerged: At this point, the Catholic reader might fear either that the Reverend Mossman might have left something out, or perhaps mistranslated the text.

The Catholic Encyclopedia informs us that:. It was on this confusing battlefield that Cornelius a Lapide took his stand. Let us all be grateful we now need not be unarmed. With moving simplicity and truth he portrayed himself in an emotional lapkde to the Prophets at the end of his commentary on Daniel: Thus were the origins of the Anglo-Catholic wing of Anglicanism that has survived until our own day.

Douai, where a Lapide spent a crucial half-year, was also the training ground for many of the fearless English Catholic priests who returned to spread the Faith in their unhappy homeland. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Moreover, his translation was very nearly perfect.

They explain not only the literal, but also the allegoricaltropologicaland anagogical senses of the Sacred Scriptures and provide numerous quotations of the Church Fathers and mediaeval interpreters. To ensure that a person, not an automated ocrnelius, is filling this form, please enter the characters you see in this picture.

In The Catholic Encyclopedia. But the holy see was not uninterested in reunion; they wanted to make sure that all aspects of such a move be directed from the Vatican. Moseman, an Anglican clergyman, translated the complete commentaries into English under the title The Great Commentary of Cornelius a Lapide London, Some went forth so intellectually armed to govern parts of India and other British colonies.


The complete series, with the Book of Job and the Psalms added by others, was published in Antwerp in and ; in Venice in, and ; in Cologne in ; in Turin in ; in Lyons in to 42,and ; in Malta in cornellus 46; in Naples in ; in Lyons and Paris in and ; in Milan in ; and in Paris in to Due to the lspide prominence of Lee and Mossman, who were both members, Rome became convinced of the feasibility of the project. In all of this activity, however, Mossman remained an interested and sympathetic spectator.

A manuscript in the Vatican Library contains an Arabic translation of the Commentary on the Apocalypse of Saint John by the Maronite Yusuf ibn Girgis beginning of the eighteenth centurywho also purportedly translated the Commentary on the Epistles of Saint Paul. Lights, vestments, and processions revived, and some bishops once again began to wear mitres.

After teaching philosophy for half a year, he was made professor of holy Scripture at Louvain in and next year of Hebrew also. He studied humanities and philosophy at the Jesuit colleges of Maastricht and Colognefirst theology for half a year at the University of Douai and afterwards for four years at the Old University of Leuven ; he entered the Society of Cornekius on 11 June and, after a novitiate of two years and another year of theology, was ordained a Catholic priest on 24 December Mail Mail Stay Connected Email.

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Cornelius a’Lapide’s Commentary on the Four Gospels

For some Anglo-Catholics, as mentioned, the status quo was fine: Cornelis Cornelissen van den Steen Flemish Jesuit and exegeteb. An extract from the commentary on the Acts appeared in at Tyrnau, under the title: Robert Appleton Company, He was a sincerely pious and zealous priest and an exemplary religious.

The midth century was truly a boom-time for cornepius Anglo-Catholics. Faber and published in Parma in to 70, in 10 volumes and 16 mo.

Cornelius a Lapide – Wikipedia

Perhaps one of the last major commentators to bridge the gap between piety and proficiency was the compiler of the four volumes here before you, Cornelius a Lapide John Hilkert, Akron, Ohio. Of the Commentary on the Epistles of St.

Customers ordering outside cornelis the US should contact us to be notified of shipping rates. Louvain, the university where a Lapide became most renowned for his pastoral work, his scholarship, and his piety, was well protected from actual conflict by Spanish and local Catholic troops. About this page APA citation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: The latter years of his life, lapidw, he seems to have devoted exclusively to finishing and correcting his celebrated commentaries.

Twenty years later, inhe was called to Rome in the same capacity, where, on the 3rd of November, he assumed the office which he filled with such renown for many years corndlius. The editor of New Advent is Kevin Knight. Fatima and Our Lady.