CS INTERNET PROGRAMMING Lecture Notes.» CS INTERNET PROGRAMMING Lecture Notes. Lecture notes Provided by. Einstein college of. CS INTERNET COMPUTING UNIT – I. FUNDAMENTALS. PART A. 1. What is the difference between node and host? A node is any addressable device. Anna University Chennai B.E Computer Science CS – INTERNET PROGRAMMING Question paper.

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After the variables are separated, they are decoded as follows. What is meant by loop back address?

CS1401 Internet Programming Syllabus

Define packet switched networks. It is a program or web page that enables you to search an Internet site for a specific keywords or words. Response -It transmits information from the web server to web browser 5. For programminh following form, write down the Javascript code to swap the contents of the two text boxes 7.

Java servlets are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to CGI programs.

A programmer puts the blocks together. A Web browser is a program that displays the web pages it retrieves. When a web server prgramming a HTTP request from a web browser it evaluates the request and returns the requested document, if it exists, and then breaks the HTTP connection. ActiveX is not a programming language, but rather a set of rules for how applications should share information.

Write a note on Environment variables. What is the usage of CSS? How progtamming sending device will indicate that it has finished sending a message 4. What is meant by loop back address? What do you mean by Server-side?


Anna University Chennai CS – INTERNET PROGRAMMING model question papers

Why are the protocols layered? Each host computer on the internet has a unique number and it is called as internet protocol Address. Join a multicast group 2. Request Header Fields are 1. Protocol handlers are used to retrieve the web objects using application specific protocols. To use these special characters as content within your document, you must use the corresponding general XML entity.

The components are host, an optional port, path, filename, section and query string. A control using ActiveX technologies. Remote reference layer 3. How can you create JDBC statement? Although APIs are designed for programmers, they are ultimately good for users because they guarantee that all programs using a common API will have similar interfaces. A hardware or software module that adds a specific feature or service to a larger system.

What are the two commonly used Request methods? A zone that enables the server to direct traffic to itself. What are the basic operations of client sockets? The page directive defines information that will be globally available for that Java Server Page, 1. ActiveX is not a programming language, but rather a set of rules for how applications should share information.

What do mean by search engine?

Object Activation is mechanism, which allows a java object to be bound and then activated at some later data simply by referencing the object through the Registry. The response object transmits information from the web server to browser. A Web site is a collection of related pages. Another increasingly common way to provide dynamic feedback for Web users is to include scripts or programs that run on the user’s machine rather than the Web server. What are the sequences of steps for each HTTP request from a client to the server?


Marshaling arguments to a marshal stream 3.

Each script gets its own unique set of variables and multiple scripts can be executed at once, each in its own environment. Write a note on proxy server A proxy server is a host that makes internet request on behalf of other machines on the network, Proxy servers are often used to catch frequently requested files or tomonitor internet use within a corporation.

Why are the protocols layered? A firewall is a piece of network hardware that programmming as a secure gateway between an internal network and the Internet.

What is meant by firewall? Progrqmming object is the java representation of a TCP connection when a socket is created; a connection is opened to the specified destination. Multiple levels of CSS can be used to allow selective overriding of styles. DatagramSocket represents a connectionless datagram socket.

To control this risk, Microsoft developed a registration system so that browsers can identify and authenticate an ActiveX control before downloading it. A session is basically a conversation between a browser and a server.