As its name suggests, Dungeons & Dragons began its life belowground, with adventurers delving deep beneath iconic castles such as. In Faerun basically the canon setting for D&D 5e The Underdark is described as was the vast network of underground caverns and tunnels. Rise of the Underdark will impact D&D RPG books, organized play, novels, a new miniatures game and even D&D Online, the free-to-play.

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But since Urdol-obna is a kinder taskmaster than the aboleths, the other skums are generally content to take him at his word.

The ethical code of many indigenous races tends toward evil or neutral. The runescribes don’t expect anyone to worship Laduguer without understanding how or why they do so. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Then you walk about a mile in and find a single blade of grass and think “Oh shit, all of my desert-related abilities have stopped” and realize that if you just carry a rolled-up slab of turf grass with you at all times, you can do the same to monsters. All in all, if you like the Forgotten Realms, and want to get a better picture of the Underdark, then this will be an awesome sourcebook.

Only one realmd Deep Shanatar’s eight kingdoms still stands today; realmss others have fallen to drow, mind flayers, and duergar. She can’t ruin them – the city’s collapse has accomplished that for her – so her only recourse is to kill them. The Imaskari civilization was thought lost thousands of years ago, but in truth the surviving Imaskari fled far underground and established the city of Deep Imaskar for themselves and their progeny.


Only grimlocks are allowed into the city, and their hands are usually tied to whatever palette or wheelbarrow they are carrying to prevent accidental triggering of a rune. The Dodkong sees no reason to conquer new territories when his effective rule through fear extends far beyond the series of tall caverns where his stone giants dwell.

Geography of the Underdark

If a ranger stepped out of a forest onto a grassy plain they’d get the bonuses for that, so why treat the underdark as something special? After becoming a druid of Grumbar early in her life, she made unferdark practice of summoning earth elementals as often as possible, pestering the laconic creatures endlessly for details of their home plane. Finding no occupants, the wererats began to live easier, drinking the clean, steady water supply and eating the fungi that had regrown after the attack.


The citizens of Dunspeirrin are first among the duergar in their mastery of psionics, the Invisible Art. For the benefit of the community, they have set aside their petty arguments and creed loyalties to more actively direct the affairs of the city.

Underdark provides a wealth of highly detailed information about one of the most popular regions in v Forgotten Realms world, the world beneath the ground. Over the course of centuries, literally thousands of skeletons and zombies have been amassed in Pholaubbalt’s crypts and halls, waiting for the next necromancer or cleric to issue them orders.

The Earthroot is home to most of the drow city of Undrek’Thoz, as well as the duergar realm of Fraaszummdin. For some centuries now, Holorarar has been held by various tribes of hobgoblins and other goblinoids. But she knows that such an effort must wait until the numbers of undead grow and she has completed her transformation.

Return to Book Page. Below the city, the members of the Concord of Elders live in sprawling lairs defended by all rezlms Art at their command. This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Most things you meet in the Underdark will probably try undderdark kill you.

The Lowerdark — Underdarkp. Beneath the mighty desert of Anauroch lie the Buried Realms, the demesnes of the unspeakable phaerimm. The drow got even more attention in a new Drow of the Underdark supplementbut that was more of a monster book than a look at the geography of the lands beneath the earth.

Underdark by Bruce R. Cordell

This arrangement allows the Imaskari to build onto the walls, nearly doubling the width of the city. Rurik Silverhilt CG male shield dwarf Fighter 5however, does not. He does not outwardly manifest his claim by planting flags or bellowing his kingship; he simply expects to be obeyed in underdaek much larger area than he directly controls.


They routinely cache big hauls in the Underdark, below the bottom level, until the heat dies down. The runescribes beneath him are much more involved with day-to-day administration than with evangelism, and their hearts are more tuned to treasure and personal pleasure than piety.

The intent is for everyone to act as civil adults. Holorarar dissipated when Deep Shanatar finally fell apart after the Kin Clashes.

Underdark (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Accessory)

This sheltered pool is almost always occupied by some of the townsfolk who wish to soak or breed. No one knows where these kuo-toas come from, but their service is reliable and reasonably priced, and they avoid becoming entangled in events that are not their business. You can have swampy forests, and arid “Desert” grasslands. Everything has darkvision and has some undrdark of staying hidden.

Before the collapse, she had been quietly gathering a few worshipers, r of them wizards who were anxious to learn the secrets of the Shadow Weave. In the huddle of this crowded area is a hidden cave containing the ten or so non-quaggoth thralls the Ch’Chitl mind flayers keep here.

A few mind flayer outposts are scattered throughout this forgootten as well. The captain, Bibble Goddessgifted, is a kuo-toa monitor Monk 3. Most of the city’s inhabitants were slaughtered by summoned bebiliths or taken captive by waiting drow warriors, but a number escaped through various tunnels and mine shafts throughout the city. In addition to 25 new regional feats as well as new prestige classes, spells, monsters, and magic items, there is also background content on 60 cities and sites of interest, including extensive story content gathered from a multitude udnerdark Forgotten Realms products and articles.