Andrei Alexandrescu (born ) is a Romanian-American C++ and D language programmer Alexandrescu released a book titled The D Programming Language in May From to , Alexandrescu, Herb Sutter, and Scott. Prelude: Orem, UT, May 29 Just finished delivering my keynote. Exiting the character, I’m half dead. People say it needs to look easy. Andrei Alexandrescu: Concurrency in the D Programming if you are not that interested in the features and evolution of the D language.

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I was writing that because automatic memory management in my experience means that a program which is out of memory will basically crash. Ottima introduzione al linguaggio D. It could use some updating. Lists with This Book. This was necessary because all the different records had a different type.

But back to topic – I think a lack of support for immutable data structures is a major deficiency in any modern language which targets concurrent programming. I believe that D is not really targeted at [embeded systems and safety-critical hardware].

The critical difference is that Martin Odersky started with Java and found better ways to do the same things, but D started with C. Bert rated it it was amazing Jul 20, D is a very compelling language and Mr. Be the first to ask a question about The D Programming Language. No problem, thank you!

The language itself is worth checking out. I still linked it because: The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guideline for biographies. Also, I learned Go and worked for one year intensively with it, for implementing performance-critical, highly concurrent cloud services. llanguage


To link a different opinion, here is a pretty serious critique of D’s development model and the direction it is going:. What made me think more about it that at some point, I had to write a small function that re-ordered a number of structs according to certain criteria, and it took several hundred lines to do that. Jan 29, Joshua Niehus rated it it was amazing.

Andrei Alexandrescu – Wikipedia

I was first like WTF? Today I alexandresccu a US citizen. I just left and didn’t read. What I want to remind is that programming languages today andei loaded with commercial interests and competition for mind-share. Retrieved 27 July Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Are you interested in promoting your own content? Again this might be nitpicking because so far I believe that D is not really targeted at that kind of systems. This led to a more complex build process, too, because the generated code had to be compiled.

When the company was acquired by RealNetworks, Inc.

This talk might be of interest. Doppioandante rated it it was amazing Aug 14, Brian Smith rated it really liked it Jan 01, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Increased miniaturization begets increased computing power density because more transistors can be put to work together per area unit.

The D Programming Language by Andrei Alexandrescu

Similar to converting a rust codebase to GoLang, or vice versa. There are compilers for Linux, Windows, Mac. Jaewon Jung rated it really liked it Apr 18, Retrieved 28 August He is particularly known for his pioneering work on policy-based design implemented via template metaprogramming. In languages like Go or Java, an out-of-memory error is usually not recoverable because the run-time does not languwge without free memory resources.



Log in or sign up in seconds. Jan 08, Rembo rated it it was amazing. So almost the same code needed to be written again and again. This is more than rust, go and swift combined. Yoni Levy rated it really liked it May 30, D is very young and has a relatively small user base compared to established languages. And what happens if your clean-up handlers from getting a NULL pointer automatically allocate memory themselves?

There is a lot of good tidbits to pick up that are language agnostic. The book took three years to complete and evolved in parallel with the language itself.

Actually, there are three kinds of values and one type qualifier for functions:. My impression is, however, that the core is very solid and the compiler is not only very fast itself like the Go lang compilerbut also often produces very fast code. Is it about lack of inheritance? Nathan rated it really liked it Oct 23, Jan 31, Muhammad rated it it was amazing.