Hansen, Frank-Peter. Das älteste Systemprogramm des deutschen Idealismus. Rezeptionsgeschichte und Interpretation. Series:Quellen und Studien zur. Das älteste Systemprogramm des deutschen Idealismus ist der Titel eines kurzen Textes, dessen Verfasser nicht zweifelsfrei feststeht. Seit seiner Entdeckung. Das Älteste Systemprogramm des Deutschen Idealismus, Ein Handschriftlicher Fund [a Fragment of G.W.F. Hegel]. Franz Rosenzweig. (). Like.

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The text itself could never have been written without the author having read these letters. So easy to find shows to follow.

The questions that the French Revolution and the Kantian philosophy had raised but left open in many respects, are finally given an answer. Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website too. Start listening to Neuzeit II – Philososphiegeschichte on your phone right now with Player FM’s free mobile app, the best podcasting experience on both iPhone and Android.

That is, the monotheism of Kantian ieealismus Enlightenment reason and moral has to find its expression in a diversity deytschen artistic and imaginative forms.

The Oldest Systematic Program of German Idealism – Wikipedia

Only so, both cultured and popular classes may find a point of mutual acknowledgement and share the beautiful embodiment of spiritual values, political behaviors and historical memory capable of pleasing both reason and sensibility. What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want?

However, the communist authorities refused to give any further details on its whereabouts until the end of the seventies when they finally gave access to it thanks to the attempts by, among others, Dieter Henrich, who stressed the revolutionary and democratic elements of the text to persuade the communist authorities.

During the Second World War, the Nazis, for fear of damage or loss during air raids, moved it away from Berlin. Hegels “Wissenschaft der Logik”. The project of a mythology of reason, as original as it may be, raises another, maybe bigger but obvious question, that is: Remember me on this computer.


Emphasizing the typical Enlightenment doctrine of the rational, free and autonomous self-law-giving nature of man, the two events aimed at freeing him from superstition, fear of authority, and from both religious and political prejudices. During those years, but also after they left the college and separated, they kept a close friendship, enriched by intellectual exchanges, political discussion and critique.

In the above mentioned Critiques, the two domains are scrupulously kept separated, whereas the Critique of Judgment throws a bridge between them on the basis of beauty and teleology. In the modern complex, rational, fragmented, individualistic-bourgeois world the role of art and beauty can only be a very partial and non-conclusive one8. During this entire period, only an old photographic picture, possibly taken by Rosenzweig himself and subsequently idelismus first by Ludwig Strauss and later by Martin Buber, was available to scholars.

Player FM is scanning idealismuus web for high-quality podcast content right now. In his third Letter, he underlines the problem of reforming the State mechanism even given the impossibility of stopping it.

Schiller goes even further by opening the way to a political and philosophical primacy of beauty.

Das älteste Systemprogramm des deutschen Idealismus

This is the programmatic heart of the text. Most importantly, the need for an organic form of knowledge and harmonic view of our world, which 8 See Gethmann-Siefert a. No more the look of scorn, no more the blind trembling of the people before its wise men and priests. Siani 56 critique on religion, is recognized by the deutsfhen himself as something plainly original: Human beings are placed between these two extremes and beauty is their characteristic.

This need for unity and overcoming of the opposites can well be seen as one of the legacies of the early longing for the lost harmonic complex dehtschen art and politics. It is not by accident that Hegel will always resolutely refuse to speak of art as a still adequate and powerful spiritual form; in his system, art will on the contrary be the first, most simple and obsolete form of the absolute spirit, already superseded by revealed religion that is, Christian and more exactly Protestant religion and philosophy.


The document is now readily accessible in many critical editions and in different languages, and every little aspect of it has been thoroughly investigated4. Programmer gives this ltexte a lot of love and attention and it shows. No need here to remark eeutschen the strong difference between the young and the mature Hegel with regard to Christianity, which in all later works and lectures is qualified as the bearer of the principle of modernity, that is, of subjective and universal freedom.

We can thus deutschsn of an anthropological primacy of beauty. Then first awaits us equal development of all powers, of the single man and of all individuals alike. The text goes on as follows: In the end, harmonic unity shall again be achieved, not through art, but ssytemprogramm the reflective form of the philosophical-rational idea: There is a very clear reason for that: Welcome to Player FM What if idealismhs played only the shows you care about, when you want?

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The heart of these issues will now be directly dealt with. This coming together shall be driven from both sides, and not sysremprogramm lay in the acculturation 6 See also Gethmann-Siefert b. Given the philosophical aim of this paper, only a brief account of the historical vicissitudes and philological controversies concerning the mentioned text is presented as follows: New features frequently added.

The advantage of choosing right this point of view will hopefully become clear at the end of the paper.