UNOFFICIAL DEGEN DE MANUAL. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. DEGENusan. ITIENTIFIED ARTISTI. DE FLANDET/PE. MEER. EERS. 早年 的世r口国. Download DEGEN DE service manual & repair info for electronics experts. addition, I received many letters from DE users with their comments and .. The receiver manual states that the nominal charging current is mA.

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Using Antenna SW antenna. If you get a DE, be aware that the factory set and reset volume level is 40 it manuall on in FM. This feature is the way to at least partially overcome the lack of a standard keypad for groggy bedside operation: Further, the meter acts as a battery level indicator, to show how much charge is left in the cells.

Unlike many scanners that inaccurately display search-discovered frequencies slightly high or low of their actual carrier frequencies, we found the X Sweeper to have an excellent window detector that accurately displays intercepted frequencies to 4 decimal places specified accuracy of Hz.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Alternatively, the unit will lock onto a search-discovered frequency for monitoring. Sensitivity The has a very low internal noise floor, so that weak stations inaudible on a noisier radio will appear on the When near a station, you can use two fingers to turn the jog dial wheel slowly to find the exact frequency.

The narrow IF setting is also helpful in pulling out a signal suffering under heavy noise. But this is the price for having the semi-analog dial face where a standard keypad would normally be.

Honestly, I was so glad to be getting a digital radio with a knob which tuned in 1 kHz steps, many of ee1103 other features re1103 extras to me.

After setting, press to confirm.

But when a band mankal quiet, some chirping can be heard with each 1 kHz step. I was curious about some of the analogdigital hybrids, in which an analog tuner is fitted with digital readout.

Not only is the dial face illuminated with an amber glow, but all of the front buttons are, too.


The silver model especially has a nice finish and the bare aluminum face looks sharp. Compared to the fractionalmillivolt sensitivities of scanners and receivers, this is relatively deaf, but is necessary to reduce unwanted hits from distant signals.

DEGEN DE1103 Operation Manual

The dark model has a flat gray finish, with the mabual face painted a matte milk chocolate color. No provision is made for rechargeable batteries to be charged in the X Sweeper — surprising considering the cost of the instrument and the presence of such a facility in other, less expensive Opto products. The Jog Dial Probably the fe1103 thing to keep in mind when approaching this radio is to recognize the jog dial as the multi-purpose control it is. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Availability I bought my from eBay seller Liypn, a gentleman in Hong Kong who, unlike some of the other sellers, offers a one year warranty on the radio. Build Quality I was impressed with the feel of the cabinet, aluminum manuxl, and controls of the The lights stay on for 15 seconds after the last turn of the dial or press of a button.

My replacement from a new lot so far shows no problems, though the faulty radio took about two months to begin acting up. When running on AC se1103, with the light switch on, the lights are always on. Extending the antenna 3.


Presets numbered can be accessed through de11033. Turn jog dial wheel to adjust minutes. Intermediate-frequency IF Selectivity is quite broad nearly kHzdictating that the unit will respond to the strongest and presumably the closest signal in its passband. The sweep circuitry of the X Sweeper does emit RF noise into its immediate environment; while using it in my car I was unable to listen to weak and moderate FM signals on my car radio.

To get the lights to come on without changing your settings, punch any of the direct entry digit buttons. It de103 be nice to have analog-feel tuning, but the 15 kHz of frequency guesswork would hamper DXing.

Everything works well, from the sleep timer and alarms to the tuning knob and SSB fine tuning. And, with the radio charging, pushing CHG changes the manial to the number of charging hours left.


A separate log memory bank can store up to first- or last-sweep-discovered frequencies with their own reports. Tuning with the knob is smooth, probably as close to an analog feel as they could get it, with no muting. The 64 x LCD is backlit for night viewing, and is strongly visible in direct mnaual as well. Don’t have an account?

I was holding out for the ideal radio which would meet my list of desired features: Auto scan goes through the entire band on the dial, following the needle as it wraps around back to the top or bottom of the band. See October Monitoring Times for my comparison of these two sets. Nothing beats the analog feel for bandscanning, but I still wanted a radio with digital precision for DXing.

Now a prominent, American test-equipment manufacturer has released a faster device at lower cost. Optoelectronics X Sweeper By Bob Grove W8JHD O ne of the handiest gadgets for the frequency explorer would be a handheld device that not only provides signal reception, but shows band activity on a wide-span spectrum display and also accurately reveals their frequencies. I thought it was clever, but apparently Sony experimented with a similar thing several years ago ICF SW40 without success.

Many of these were intriguing and all had tuning knobs, but none of them read out to the last frequency digit. Band Meter Band Conversion Press any button to stop auto scan tuning. The signal-strength bar graph with its digital level readings is useful for antenna adjustments, bug detection, interference locating, signal-distance estimating and, with a directional antenna, hidden-transmitter hunting.

Many interesting emissions from modern office equipment were revealed but no bugs were found! This is an inconvenient setup when fumbling in the darkness at the bedside to enter a memory or frequency, where the traditional telephone-pad layout can mqnual operated by touch.

Alternatively, the unit can maanual operated by user-provided and externally-recharged NiMH or NiCd cells.