The Siege of Vraks was a major campaign waged by the Imperium to reclaim the . In the end, the Chaos fleet overwhelmed the Imperial planetary defenders. Explore Defender of vraks’s 45 photos on Flickr! Defender of vraks. Follow. Give Pro. 1 Follower•0 Following. 45 Photos. Joined About · Photostream. More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. 40k Lore, The Siege of Vraks! The Defenders: ?a via @YouTube.

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The competition has grinded to a halt, thanks to the new codices and upcoming tournaments.

The sheath for the bayonet, the canteen, the ammo pouch, the boots and maybe even the rifle casing can be black. The original goal of the mission, to retake the planet from the rogue cardinal Xaphan reclaim the worlds armouries were theoretically completed.

Looks to me like you already have one objective done palate with boxes and barrels. Empchild lol I know I like to poke fun with people alot Holy Terra – Sacred Mars. Thus the Ordo decided to dispatch the Cardinal, deploying a lone Vindicare Assassin for the job.

Chaos Renegades, Defenders of Vraks – Armoury ( Completed) – Forum – DakkaDakka

It now became apparent that Xaphan’s rebel forces on Vraks faced certain defeat. Grenadiers were able to force their defenxers into the underground complex and captured the main access tunnel. The Dark Angels would draw the enemy troops into a new battle, and thus thin the lines, which would aid the 88 th Siege Army’s attacks and help bring about the long awaited breakthrough.

For months the landing zones were busy, as shuttles constantly shuttled supplies which were stockpiled in vast quantities of food, ammunition, water and every item the army would require for its 12 year war.


Reinforcements were immediately ordered to strengthen the garrison.

Siege of Vraks

The first unit would break out and take new of the enemy breakthrough back. However, I am stopping at deefenders level of detail, until I finished off the second squad and see how much time I have left. Unknown to the Imperium, Vraks had attracted the attention of the Alpha Legion warlord Arkoswhose Battle Barge crept into vrxks Vraks System and landed his battle brothers on the other side of the planet.

However the Krieg Guardsmen continued across no-man’s land nonetheless, braving not only enemy fire but also vast minefields. The station’s sensitive Auspex detected the passage of several large, unidentified vessels in its vicinity, well off the usual trade and patrol routes. Krieg’s sentries soon reported unusual sightings.

These were men with no military experience, but once armed they cefenders hold a defensive position. Great job so far!

But beyond, the Citadel of Vraks was now directly visible. The world was then declared dead and Perdita by the Imperium and placed under an interdiction to cordon it off from the rest of human space as ordered by the Ordo Malleus ‘ Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex. These first hand-dug trenches were steadily improved, becoming the basis of a more permanent frontline position.

Stretch – click to view full reply. It is part of the defenses centered on Cadia ; in particular, its main planet, Vraks Prime, is an armory world, an entire planet used by the Departmento Munitorum to stockpile weapons and ammunition. A Vindicare Assassin takes aim and prepares to take out Cardinal Xaphan.

An enraged Ogryn emerged from its trench and dealt a smashing blow with its massive sledge hammer, killing the Colonel instantly. As a result I have gone paint assembly line crazy.


Fortunately, there was better new in other sectors. The causeway crumbled under its own weight, the rubble plunging into the deep abyss of the Balan Trench, leaving only an expanding cloud of dust.

Defender of vraks | Flickr

Stretch It’s coming together really well guys, keep up the good work!! When the guardsmen went over the top of their trenches, the infantry’s own mortars would provide plunging fire into the enemy positions. Now for a pic of me experimenting with my Game Board: The men of Krieg were loyal, dutiful and extremely disciplined.

I understand where they were coming from, but its rough when we were only 6 weeks from finishing, with only points more to paint. While the Death Korps were digging-in and reinforcing their trenches, Cardinal Xaphan’s renegade army was occupying the prepared positions opposite, parallel to the Imperial earth-works, staring across the vacuum of no-man’s land, which neither side ventured into.

Along with the Cardinal, he traveled with a full entourage of a thousand preachers, deacons, chatelaines, servants and menials, along with a personal bodyguard of the Adeptus Sororitas. The Apostate Cardinal’s Traitor army was well-prepared. By the time the Imperial siege of the world began, 3 defensive lines had been constructed to the north, west and south of the Citadel by the rebel forces, with the rest of the area to the south and east defended by gorges and canyons, rendering it unsuitable for a massed attack.

I am not going to do battle reports since I wasn’t being competitive and just having fun with my list. MajorTom11 – click to view full reply.