When I read Meljean Brook’s Demon Angel, I was riveted by the first half of the As in Demon Angel, the romance in Demon Moon is all about. DEMON MOON is the fourth story in the Guardian series, and the second full- length book. It takes place in modern-day San Francisco, eight months after the. I’ve had a couple of readers mention that they’ve had a hard time finding new, readily available print copies of Demon Moon from online stores.

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It also seemed to lose most of the tension built up earlier in the book.

He expelled a long breath, smiled slightly as if in memory. As for Savi, well, I loved her.

Retro Review: Demon Moon by Meljean Brook

But then we get to the present time and there is a turning point in their relationship that precipitates a life altering event for both characters. It gave me,jean something to ponder, but I didn’t feel like I was compromising my personal beliefs in reading this book.

Good verses evil is never easy to write for the concept is not black and white but rather it’s a spectrum of countless shades of gray. By Part II the remaining 33 chapters of the 40events have undergone a seismic shift. Where are the answers? For Anthony and Emily the sister it was that they lived very long.


I can’t exactly put my finger on why but the author’s writing style is sometimes hard to demno. It was hard keeping track of who the bad guys were. Now, to be fair, I had not read the story that precedes this novel in the series; perhaps that would help. It seems like I’m a minute behind the action until the words on the page catch up.

I’m glad because I’m sure Brook will have polished her writing style even more by that later book. Part 1 of the book is 97 pages.

I mean there is no surprising brkok added, but I did not read this much just to cut it. The first part of the book is much, much stronger than the later part.

Demon Moon

He rips forth her humanity in such a way that she’ll never again be able to hide who and what she truly is: March 6, Playing telephone. And if she could point a good guy down the wrong path, all the better. Colin a vampire is going to punish Denver and two other vampires who attempted to murder a human. When the FBI come knocking at his door with questions, Hugh is soon pegged as the prime suspect in the students’ abductions and slayings.

Demon Moon by Meljean Brook | : Books

Other books in the series. I actually struggled to stay interested. Because seriously, how vain is he?! Posted November 1, by Holly in Reviews 8 Comments. At times I wanted the book to be over.


For two centuries his tainted blood has kept him isolated from other vampires, sustained only by his beauty and vanity—bitter comforts, since a curse has erased his mirror reflection, replacing it with a terrifying glimpse of Chaos. He was even willing to sacrifice himself to do so. If I was watching it on a screen in front of me it’d be fabulous. And when I do forget how much I didn’t like this book, I’ll go and borrow the book from the library.

So my question is, where in the heck is Book 1? I often laugh out loud at his antics. May 16, Circuit rated it liked it Shelves: When the book opens, she’s having a very James Bond-ish moment in an airplane that made me love her almost instantly.

Demon Angel (The Guardians, #1) by Meljean Brook

I loved that they were each other’s weaknesses. And refreshingly, he’s the virgin sacrifice! Stripping away her demon form and illusions, Hugh burrows deeply within the woman that Lilith has hidden for two thousand years. Not very much action, just a lot of words.