I’ve been in the process of listening the audio and reading the workbook for Derek Vitalio’s Seduction Science Program. I have been finding. Derek Vitalio’s book Seduction Science is a must for anyone who is serious about getting with and scoring with women. Seduction Science e-book series was. I began Seduction Science back in for smart guys to learn game. In those years I’ve traveled all over the world honing attraction technology and teaching.

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Used for review validation only. Its something i’m making sure to remember myself from niow on.

In his research and application of mind technologies, he discovered a unique way for men to become attractive to the opposite sex, using hypnotic methodologies. I cant tell you how many opportunities Ive blown with women in the past it hurts just thinking about it.

Is the content effective? Joined Jan 30, Messages Likes 3. I came to the study of seducing women by an interesting twist of fate. Ive had every same frustration, set-back, fear, and regret not so long ago.

Papa is the Co-Founder and the bus My best What’s up. These tools include the following CD’s and MP’s: I am not going to endorse one Online Personals Copywriting eBook. You decide SHE is the one you want. And you made mistakes. Unbreakable – The Confidence and We will be reviewing this system at a later date, but lets just say it has become one of his best selling products.


Seduction Science by Derek Vitalio

Long time no hear from. Users of Derek Vitalio’s CD systems often report being blown away by his phenomenal training and coaching style. But how is this possible? Rapport Cheating The Chemistry eBook.

The green pharmacy Year: Derek Vitalio – Why are having vialio relationships with women the 1 factor in what makes us happy?

Derek Vitalio

I wouldn’t derdk any of them read my post the get laid bible it has all the stuff you need in the lifestyle to get laid and its free!!! How to Get Women to Approach You. Derek Vitalio – Different ladies like different things.

Derek Vitalio is the creator of Seduction Science which is one of the most complete books on Seduction available.

ø Derek Vitalio PUA MUST READ Articles | Seduction Science | Pick Up Artist ø

I could hardly even meet a woman, and when I did I always ended up the night alone after spending a lot of money on a date that went nowhere. But the rewards are worth the effort – having beautiful women in your life and the ability to always meet and attract beautiful women.

Derek Vitalio – Falling in love is usually rated as the strongest source of positive emotion. You see the hottest girl in the entire place.

The real point is there’s no substitute for experience and informed observation. Derek Vitalio has been in the seduction community for many years now, and espouses the alpha male type teaching technique.

And its true when you think about it, how guys who are always positive, always upbeat, are able to draw people to them, make people feel good. Is it a good deal? Art Of Seduction Author: His products and systems address a variety of issues that men wrestle with when trying to develop or refine their skills, in order to date, seduce and have relationships with beautiful women more effectively.


Is customer service very responsive? Consider that people go to traditional therapy for 10 years or more, wasting a lot of time and money, and hardly ever get their problems solved! Cheers fro the responses I’ll be having a look through the stuff everyones suggested on this thread, seems to be pretty unanimous verdict that Derek Vitalio’s stuff isn’t worth the money, think my dosh is staying safely in my pocket.

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Derek Vitalio’s Seduction Science System

Derek Vitalio – I was at Pollo Tropical the other day when I spotted an incredibly hot woman sitting and eating with two of her lady friends. I had assigned negative feelings to my bad experience. After driving her home from the sciencce, or after that first kiss, you replayed every positive word and outcome over and over in your mind.