_projects. and. colla. borations. _research. _pro. file. _live. _sounds. (dia) grammatology of space broadcast at Deutschlandradio Kultur. Deutschlandradio Kultur aired a radio version of my piece ‘(dia)grammatology of space’. A first (6-channel) version of the work has been. Derrida’s practice in Of Grammatology and Nietzsche’s interpretation of value systems ble/intelligible; writing/speech; speech [parole]!language [langue]; dia.

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Hegel assumed his readers were already familiar with his entire system, prior to even approaching his “Phenomenology”. Amazon Second Chance Donar, intercambiar, dar una segunda vida. Course in General Linguistics Bloomsbury Revelations. He assumes too much. Artist biographies Diann Bauer.

(dia)grammatology of space broadcast at Deutschlandradio Kultur | mpietruszewski

Michael Wood New York Review of Books The tool-kit for anyone who wants to empty the ‘presence’ out of any text he has taken a dislike to. Therefore, I strongly recommend reading a prefatory commentary on Derrida first; but then, of course, attacking this original work. Composer Marcin Pietruszewski performs dia grammatology of space —a piece for human voice, synthetic speech and computer—with accompanying visuals by Diann Bauer.

He does gather in 5-star ratings because, as Ricoeur once said, “This is a seminal work” of great importance. In the case of Saussure, for instance, he shows how Saussure sets up an “interior” in which linguistics privileges the oral tradition and in which writing is seen as a kind of exterior that poses a threat to it, the threat, for instance, of the corruption of speech by written traditions.


Kindle Direct Publishing Publica tu libro en papel y digital de manera independiente. One of the famous three books of that put Derrida on the map. There is cause for rejoicing in the translation of De la grammatologie Dokounta threshold of “refinery”. It will be a few years before Derrida becomes essential reading for American philosophy; but it will happen.

Derrida, however, cites examples from Levi-Strauss’s own texts showing that violence clearly existed amongst the Nambikwara before writing was introduced to them, thus undermining Levi-Strauss’s metaphysical opposition between a “natural” society of oral purity and an “artificial” one degraded by writing.

It took “9 “years for this manuscript to make to America. Canto One of the major works in the development of contemporary criticism and philosophy. Blackness on the Internet 16 Nov Find out more.

But please consider Howells’ book.

Works on Value_of_Knowledge Site

They have an understanding of Hegel through the eyes of Heidegger. Reading Derrida was the shock of a decentering, the critical shift into a world of the interminable movement of difference, the crisis of any closure.

And they are both despised for similar reasons; their inaccessibility. A handy arsenal of deconstructive tools are to be found in its pages, and the technique, once learnt, is as simple, and as destructive, as leaving a bomb in a brown paper bag outside or inside a pub. They have trapped signifiers into grand systems patterned in binary pairs of opposites that reduce the traces of multiple meanings by subordinating them to the logos and locking them into place, as it were, within these systems.


Diann Bauer is an artist and writer based in London. As a tech tributary to contemporary media platform vvvvhe has found himself branching out in his interests from visual syntax into interaction and light-design.

Technology Now: Sonic Feminisms Part II

grammatolgy In opening up a general space of alternative passages and tones, an abyssal sonic folding of pointers and arrows, they erotically nurture the multi-modal tension spaces of permissible sonics. Composition threshold and return to mystic body-state. Speech is a representation of thought, which has direct access to Being, whereas writing is at third remove from being, since it is a representation of a representation; that is to say, it represents speech, which already represents thought.

She has a background in choreography and performing arts, but attempts to work undisciplined across different mediums, including dla and music.

Ver todas las apps de lectura gratuitas de Kindle. Derrida does the same. Linguistics can no longer be said to have an gdammatology that is protected from writing as an outside if both are descendants of a kind of primordial matrix of signification that Derrida calls “differance.