DIY Gary Fong Lightsphere · Allen Mowery am, 21 November Taken from a video I recently created. View it here: Get great results.

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This is produced by lights with a very large surface area.

DIY SpeedLite Diffuser

Then I slapped some velcro on the ends and that was that. For the rest of us, there are cheaper and more efficient alternatives. Do you want your colors to be vibrant or subdued?

He’s like those infomercials for rock hard abs.

DIY Gary Fong Style SLR SpeedLite Diffuser | Acerbic Resonance

I knew I could get it to produce even better results, though. Started Jun 24, Discussions. I can better results with my fun foam better because I can shoot faster since my strobe doesn’t have to work as hard since it’s only throwing light on the subject, not the entire room and it folds flat.

Edited by Melindros member 7 years ago. So do not be unjust to Gary Fong – the results with his products – as demonstrated by himself – speak for themselves.

My post is really just one approach… but it works very well for flash photography. Do you want light to be stronger on one part of your subject and weaker on another?


In our latest buying guide we’ve selected some cameras that while they’re a bit older, still offer a lot of bang for the buck. The ceiling is too tall 20 feet for the flash bounce to be effective. You don’t go saying lightzphere just made up a transparent cup xiy you put on your flash to diffuse the flash light”. Notice the deep shadows and muted colors. Thanks for posting this! I saw a blog post that using a plastic milk jug beat the fong.

Build A $1 Lightsphere

This diffuser and any diffuser will not instantly make your photos look fantastic. Simple or complex is not the criteria.

Wacom’s latest pro tablet can help take your editing workflow ligbtsphere and most importantly, the final image results — to the next level. It will cost you a bowl of take-away noodle, a few cents for the tissue paper or tracing paper, and some scotch tapes to tidy up the edges.

Photographer Allen Mowery made a yet another simple Lightsphere from some stuff he found around the house Velcro and bubble wrap vinyl drawer liner. Melindros Posted 7 years ago. This is produced by lights with a very small surface area. To view the entire video, visit wp. Thank you in anticipation of lightspphere help J.


I own 2 Fong products and love them totally. A quick word about the velcro: Then you read the fine print results not typical.

DIY Gary Fong Lightsphere | *DIY Photography Equipment | Flickr

Totally guesstimating, I measured 5 inches off the end of the roll and cut it carefully with a sharp pair of scissors. Cannot really see from the pic as velcro seems to go right around stopping just abov3 the ………EX, fold paper in half and both same sides meet Would be much obliged if you would help me as this seems a fairly simple set up, apart from that!

Fiy like the fun-foam idea myself, but this one is pretty cool too. Well, it really depends on what you are trying to do. Like he said, the diffusers work as advertised. Color night vision with the SiOnyx Aurora.