Tara Herpecheveux, whose head is covered with glowing, golden, dreadlock-like curls of hair, wants Parker to introduce her to kids all over. About 4 chapters later Parker noticed that his dreadlock was twitching and had a Shusterman was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Tara Russell. Updated 22 February Transcript. Book and Beyond. Tara Russell. Period 3. Dread Locks by Neal Shusterman.

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Parker Baer is a year-old rich kid bored with dreadlovks family’s wealth, his friends, and his life until a mysterious next door neighbor, Tara, moves in.

Review: Dread Locks by Neal Shusterman – Literature Young Adult Fiction

Parker tries to shrug it off until he realizes he might be a much bigger player in the game drsadlocks Parker Baer is the typical spoiled rich kid, but his life gets a lot more interesting when he gets Tara for a neighbor. It is to be expected though, as this is a modern retelling of the story of Medusa.

Once Tara Medusa takes Parker under her wing and changes him into her kind he becomes immortal. More on this in a second. It left me feeling sad, but then again, most fairy tales have one or more tear-inducing scenes in them.

Dread Locks #1

Nov 21, Topaz Wright rated dreadoocks liked it. The ending was horrible because the main character dies. Parker Baer is the typical spoiled rich kid, but his life gets a lot more interesting when he gets Tara for a neighbor.

Dreadlodks Locks is a book meant for people who like to read books that are about regular people meeting irregular people who change people after having a short conversation with them. But as the story started moving on and on I know that she had an ounce of evil in her or even more that an ounce ha. She fascinates but only in the way a snake or scorpion does—with the recognition t Mr. May 10, Amanda rated it really liked it.


Parker turns Tara to stone and Tara does the same to Parker. Jan 03, Kelly Bryson rated it really liked it. I thought it was a great dreadlocsk, denfinatly worth reading. Yes, there is a subtle difference between the two and Shusterman weaves them together flawlessly.

The story line was a little too far fetched making it completely unrealistic. Fifteen year old Parker Baer nsal in a huge house filled with everything he could ever have dreamed of having. Entertaining, quick read that’ll make the hair of your body stand up.

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Yes, the teenaged Parker is now memorialized in bronze. I enjoyed the reading this book. I know they are not meant for an older person like me but that won’t stop me from reading just about anything of his.

So subtle with the foreshadowing, yet a slam dunk! To say more would spoil the spooky fun of this wild thriller—let the twist speak for itself and leave you still as a statue. The integration of Greek mythology and fairy tales felt a little heavy-handed Tara’s hair was golden and looked like snakes; she never takes her sunglasses off; she breaks into the Baers’ home and sits in their chairs, eats their food, and sleeps in their beds; a lot of statue mentions and motifs, etc. Gives great details dreadpocks the right moment to keep you on the edge of your set.

Very good read and remarkably clean.

Dreadlocks Timeline by Mason Benge on Prezi

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Mar 21, Renee Hess rated it it was ok. Aug 03, Pages Young Adult Buy. But strange things happen to the people Tara meets. What he did at the end had me howling in frustration. Neal Shusterman shustrman won’t ever settle for anything less than the very best that he has to offer, and the big winner is his readers, who have been the beneficiaries of a long line of his outstanding novels from Unwind to Full TiltThe Shadow Club to Bruiser.


Also in Dark Fusion.

She IS Medusa, so I’ll call her that, thank you. And my very nwal part of this story is the ending! It was a much needed twist The fact that it took me less than an hour to read this The goldilocks and medusa references.

He’s not pining after personal relationships he can’t have aka no missing girlfriend. He lives in Southern California with his four children.


Of course Dreadloocks is friends with everyone. He’s not unhappy, he has real friends not frenemies. Then to top it all o I think that this book had a good concept, but for me it just didn’t follow through in the ‘interesting’ category. Her name is Sarah. Positive, with a dark ending Yes, sign me up No. Inspired by Your Browsing History. When we stop growing we immediately start dying, regardless of our circumstances, and so we always need that push to movement to keep us from growing fatally complacent.

I bought this for myself, thinking it was a bit old for my ten year old the characters are highschoolersbut because it was free of language and innuendo, I thought it appropriate for my ten-ye Ahusterman modern retelling of Goldilocks and the shustermab bears with some Greek mythology thrown in.

Neal Shusterman is easily becoming one of my all time favorite authors!