Eisenhans by Robert Bly, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Iron John is a German fairy tale found in the collections of the Brothers Grimm, tale number , about a wild iron-skinned man and a prince. The original German title is Eisenhans, a compound of Eisen “iron” and Hans . In , Robert Bly analyzed the story in Iron John: A Book About Men. Bly’s reading analyzes the story. Iron John: A Book About Men is a book by American poet Robert Bly published Bly believes that this fairy tale Iron John contains lessons from the past of great.

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Though the prince catches the golden apple and escapes, and does so again on two more occasions, he is eventually found. The prince travels to a distant land and offers his services to its king. Shweder January 9, robdrt Eisenhans in the cage. The prince fears he will be killed for setting Iron John free, so Iron John agrees to take the prince with him into the forest.

A king sends a huntsman into a forest nearby and the huntsman never returns. It represents Aarne—Thompson type”The wild man as a helper”. Some years later, a wandering explorer accompanied by a dog hears of these dangerous woods and asks permission to hunt in the forest, claiming that he might be able to discover the fate of the other hunters.

Eisenhans : Ein Buch über Männer

He releases the wild iron-skinned man who reveals his name to be Iron John or Iron Hans depending on the translation. As they come to a lake in the middle of the forest, the dog is dragged under water by a giant arm. He calls upon Iron John who gives him a horse, armor, and a legion of iron warriors to fight alongside him. He states further that the only key to the cage is hidden beneath the queen’s pillow.


Iron John – Wikipedia

Grimms’ Fairy Tales German folklore German fairy tales. Iron John too comes to the wedding. Bly’s reading analyzes the story for lessons about masculinity applicable to 20th-century men, and became a major work eisenhas the mythopoetic men’s movement.

The King sends all his remaining huntsmen out as a group, but again, none return. The prince is returned to his former station, marries the princess, and is happily reunited with his parents.

They find a naked man with iron-like skin and long shaggy hair all over his body. This page was last edited on 13 Septembereidenhans Most people see the story as a parable about a boy maturing into adulthood. The king proclaims the woods as dangerous and off-limits to all. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

InRobert Bly analyzed the story in Iron John: Again the prince asks Iron John for help, and again Iron John disguises the prince as the mysterious knight. The hunter returns to the forest the next day with a group of men to empty the lake.


When war comes to the kingdom, the prince sees his chance to make a name for himself. Retrieved from ” https: In celebration, the king announces a banquet and offers his daughter’s hand in marriage to any one of the knights who can catch a golden apple that will be thrown into their midst.

Eisenhans: ein Buch über Männer – Robert Bly – Google Books

Views Read Edit View history. The king hopes that the mysterious knight who saved the kingdom will show himself for such a prize.

Iron John reveals he was under enchantment until he found someone worthy and pure of heart to set him free. Though the roberf hesitates at first, he eventually builds up the courage to sneak into his mother’s room and steal the key.

Years later, the young prince is playing with a by in the courtyard. This time, he is seen without the shaggy hair or iron skin that made him frightening.

The prince obeys at first, but begins to play in the well, eventually turning all his hair into gold. Since he is ashamed of his golden hair, he refuses to remove his cap before the king and is sent to assist the gardener.