Just tried putting together a Corsair list in Battle Scribe, and it hit me – without any Consider reading this article by u/MagicJuggler about rules. 8th Edition hurt Corsair players, and I mean hurt as in a whole unit of D-Scythes to the face sort of hurt. Gone are the Coterie rules and their own. Rumors say the Eldar are getting a shiny new Corsair armylist headed our way soon. Here’s the latest rules info.

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Your ad here, right now: The Prince can take a Corsair Venom like an Archon can.

Eldar Corsairs post FAQ : WarhammerCompetitive

While I never played using the actual Corsair rules, I was building towards that in the end of 7th and now that dream is gone. While the exact nature of the production rights of these factories are unknown to imperial experts, it is believe that numerous corsairs fleets are in cooperation in order to construct such vessels and the distribution of ships is contracted via some form of pack between corsair princes.

The imperium has little understanding of these creatures or where they come from. Corsair Jetbikes can take splinter cannons.

Until then, you have the two other aldari factions to proxy from. The zoats appeared in the galaxy fleeing from their mysterious slave masters.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar Corsairs (7E)

So they can take scatter laser and a splinter cannon at the same time. The weapon fires a larger more aggressive grub at an accelerated rate. A Prince may be fortunate enough to have a few of these craft on hand. I did so by theming my Eldar and Dark Eldar armies alike. Despite this, Forge World gave them rules as a tabletop faction in their book Doom ekdar Mymerea.

Would it really have taken that eules more effort to convert the Corsair HQstransports and Balestrikes into 8th edition dataslates? I loving ruled a model for him using wings in place of a Jet Packwhich I was really pleased with. Often the harlequins will aid the corsairs in their endeavors and just as often the corsairs with be recruited by the harlequins to provide them transportation or assistance.


Eldar, Raven Guard, Slaanesh. When a close combat is first initiated between the corsair and an enemy for the first time the concealed device is used.

These corsairs form their own units are often given assignments that suit their reckless natures. This attack will ignore normal armor saves.

Competitive play isn’t about being a jerk to your opponent, or being unsportsmanlike, even though some people view it as such both competitive players and players on the receiving end of competitive play styles. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. These creatures become figureheads and mascots to the corsair force. And then 8th dropped and FW axed the Corsair Prince entirely along with basically everything else in Corsairs.

You can run them as a Ynnari battalion but then you have to take at least 2 of the Ynnari characters to fill the hq slots. These rules had a lot of flavor, and are the main source of lore about their units, but sadly in the shift to 8th Edition they lost a lot of their units, including their commanders, making a pure Corsair army impossible unless you run them as Ynnari.

Eldar Corsairs – 1d4chan

Where did you find this information? This sub is intended for the discussion of tactics, army lists, tournament results, and updated relevant FAQ and CA content as it pertains to the current meta for the Games Workshop family of games. The remaining kroot had searched the ork ship, but did not come across anything valuable, well not to the eldar anyway. The imperium has only a few reported sightings of such space stations and dubbed them havenspires.

Anything more strenuous is an invitation for the predatation of the warp. Any model can exchange their shuriken catapult for a shuriken pistol for free or a lasblaster of lasblast pistol for 1 point per model.

Also I did get in my first game with my Skyreavers and I was not disappointed.


Eldar Corsairs Fluff The term “eldar corsair” is bestowed by the imperum in an attempt to classify a rather broad range of eldar, basically any space fairing eldar with either craftworld or exodite origins, but not under the direct authority of a craftworld or exodite world are assigned this title.

Corsair Princes were not Autarchs. As controlling personality these unconventional princes dictate the course of the pirate fleet. I couldnt find the corsair prince or the void dreamer. Beneath him are the Barons, each of whom lead a Coterie of Corsair troops.

These close combat weapons do not contribute an addition attack. Only one lieutenant can be placed in a unit.

Eldar Corsairs

The gyrinx allows the prince to corsaurs a single reroll a game turn. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I mean I know corsairs aren’t competitive but I have the models, I might as well use them – guess they’re only good for narrative play until GW gives them an HQ unit.

While most corsair princes generally lack the resources when compared to the armies that the craftworlds are able to produce, some Princes achieve such a level of notoriety and wealth that they compare to elvar small craftworld in their capabilities. If Eldar were portrayed in the fluff as an mix of DE and Harlies, then yeah they would still exist. To understand what the competitive mindset is all about, start here with this article that describes what playing to cosairs is and isn’t.

The only real famous Corsairs are Prince Yriel and Yvraineboth of whom abandoned their roles corxairs Corsair Princes to move onto greater things, and Duke Sliscuswho is just a Dark Eldar who lives on a ship instead of in the Webway.