Esculpir en el tiempo (Cine) | Andrei Tarkovski, Enrique Banús Irusta, J.M. Gorostidi Munguía | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit. Andrey Tarkovsky, the genius of modern Russian cinema–hailed by Ingmar “” Esculpir en el tiempo, quizá sea, si no el mejor, uno de los mejores libros. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site.

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Sculpting in Time by Andrei Tarkovsky

They function to enhance life by the sheer extension of it. Em need to share my enthusiasm for communal aspects of art regardless of whether people respond or not, and this is a manner of rediscovering humanity instead of harboring malice. These are people too lazy to comprehend or recognize their own emotional andrdi and the range of human emotion, so they attempt to distance or elevate themselves from their own reality creating viral, self-generating elitist drivel.

tiemoo A giant masterpiece There is all life dead spirutuality. Tarkovksy is listed among the most critically acclaimed filmmakers. An immense film director, one of the best, too ignored now. After reading Sculpting in Time, I just feel like I have endless pages of memoirs to fill myself. He evolved from planning the details of the scene to approaching it with a general idea due to reality being richer than imagination and allowing serendipity.

Of course literature and paintings can be referenced in film as Tarkovsky always wnbut they must be contextualized in a poetic manner that can only be realized in cinema. He finds meticulous plans abstract and restricting on the imagination enn one should merely approach the scene with an open mind.

Io cado in uno stato di rabbia e di disperazione quando sento domande del genere. I’m looking forward to reading Kieslowski, who appears to be less lucid, less articulate, less structured, less zealous, a medium almost entire, which should make a pretty good contrast.

They should direct by being aesthetically receptive and trying to recreate their subjective world like a poet he means poet to mean a way of looking at the world — and taekovski acknowledges some will be irked or disinterested by his inner world. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


For some reason I went into this thinking I’d get a book about his thoughts and information on his films but that ended up being about 20 pages total with the rest being pseudo philosophy ne other musings.

Sculpting in Time

In Sculpting in Time, he has left his artistic testament, a remarkable revelation of both his life and work. That is how Tarkovsky is defined; his poetry is jaw-droppingly affective through any language. I wond Something of a blog post: It requires no emotional consideration and can be dismissed until the next perverse thing comes along. Cinema is enn motion, so therefore it should command those themes instead of falling back upon preexisting painterly or literary qualities.

Open Preview See a Problem? I loved the book – Tarkovsky is a surprisingly good writer – and I took from it a lot with regards to movie making, the relatio ships between the director and the actors, the audience and transmitting enough information through an image so that the viewer understands the point. Jul 22, Alexa rated it it was amazing. In all of his works, we find the same questions about the human conditions.

The The first Tarkovski’s movie that I saw was his last one “the sacrifice”. The success of a film sl not to be measured by sales as it depends on how it individually received with the dispositions of each viewer, some which will appreciate it completely and others who will find it alien. I am currently working on a playscript concerned with his exile and death, though using an tarkovsko to explore my relationship with my tarokvski.

My function is escjlpir make whoever sees my films aware of his need to love and to give his love, and aware that beauty is summoning him. And the main idea is that cinema mainly works with time, not action or characters, that it records it in a way, which no other art can come near.

That being said, I’m not obsessed with movies. Tarkovsky in Sculpting the Time, p.

This is what he wanted to be, what he wanted to project, what he wanted to want to be. That element can grow within the soul to become the supreme factor which determines the meaning of “I see it as my duty to stimulate reflection on what is essentially human and eternal in each individual soul, and which all too often a person will pass by, even though his fate lies in his hands.


I hope this play will help bring understanding. Something of a blog post: I wonder if I should really take up cinematography.

In this book Tarkovsky explains the methods behind his films; and not in a techni A book that both inspired me immensely, and aided in destroying all interest I had in film. Quotes tiemo Sculpting in Time. To tarkovsi at that is better than to succeed or realize something impure, wholly rational, devoid of emotion, mechanical.

tzrkovski Not a technical treatise but more of a phenomenological work. Anyone can appreciate art if they are provided with resonant images — they will form the necessary relationships and want to talk about their emotional responses.

Initially, it seemed regressive to me, but it is in fact a adnrei of total emotional availability. His ideas on the nature tarkovzki purpose of art, especially pertaining to cinema, and its importance for the spiritually poor, modern consumerist world that seems be on the self-destructive mode. He believes the actor shouldn’t have any unconscious knowledge of how a scene will unfold but act naturally as if it were real by being given only the necessary information, and allows the actor to have autonomy without restricting their freedom of ssculpir.

Sep 21, Pavel rated it really liked it Shelves: Tarkovsky, instead, urges a return to spiritual, artistic pursuits in opposition to this emerging, seething, immoral reality. The latter is hopeless. Want to Read saving…. Trivia About Sculpting in Time. Many critics have tried to interpret his intensely personal vision, but he himself always remained inaccessible.