Honey Bee FP2 ( and ) must not be confused with the newer Honey Bee 2 (often referred to as Honey Bee FP V2) and Honey . Discussion REQ: Esky Honey Bee King II Manual Micro Helis. am just getting ready to fly a fixed pitch heli (Honeybee FP) that’s my plan for.

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Sorry for not being as clear to you as I wished to be. As a result of this there is a truckload of information available online about the Honey Bee FP.

ESky Honey Bee V2 2.4G

It is normal that a single rotor helicopter comes to the left at start up, she also tend to go back. BTW a very nice setup!

Our Tx has a 5 model honeyy so we are gonna use that feature for it. The Honey Bee V2 comes uoney to fly straight out the box. Every now and then I still use the Esky charger. The FB with weight has better gyroscopic effects. Longer flight times then 10 minutes will also ask more from the already hot motor. Keep the small steps so you create a good and mnual base which will be of help during the rest of your heli career.

The mod pictures helped me a great deal. What do you recommend in terms of batteries? Just cant afford a real sim. Really frustrating — even more maual that both my emails to the LHS have not even been answered yet.


Notify me of new comments via email. Email required Address never made public. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Some laptop adapters are good to use. I originally thought it could be a faulty battery but I now have the problem with all my batteries which makes me think the problem is the charger. So it makes the helii more stable. It should be ok.

Proportional makes your tail rotor spinn harder or softer. Switch TX off and on after binding and channel 2 has his own binding and is ready for setting up. Am I wrong here?

Above there are some comments about flybar weights and paddles. And then again it is all personal.

eeky Replacement installed and I am now able to learn. Could you pls help me? Is this something to consider buying in the future? Time is at a premium just now but not to worry. Mar 29, Hello Eric, Thanks once again for your sound advice — you are a real pleasure to know! Getting rid of them makes the heli more agile. Sorry to hear the tail motor died the first day. Are there better options? But you will need a good charger which can put out the required amps.


My has just weights, and seems more stable hovering than the Honeybee FP V2? Also available as a Deluxe deal with a host of extras listed below. I am running out of indoor space to fly.

ESky Honey Bee V2 G | BuzzFlyer UK

I had already seen that one whilst trying to figure things out. Flying a single rotor heli is not easy at all, and when you hang on and practice you will master it manuql have great fun! A lighter heli will fly much nicer and floaty. Not the best start. I think this will be the situation on your Bee. Those meet the wishes of the balancer.

When you get bored of FMS, just try to find an other sim. Take it slow and practice as much as you can. You will like it as it is quite simple to use and very versitile.

I knew it would be difficult but not like this. Your Details Your Name Required! You can learn very much by just looking at your own flying. Rating – 1 2 3 4 5 Required!