Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jana Oliver’s imagination has always had the upper hand Forsaken (The Demon Trappers series) by [Oliver, Jana]. You know that old saying, ‘never judge a book by its cover’, I’m guilty of it. I always fall into the trap – if the cover isn’t amazing I pre-judge. Buy (ebook) Demon Trappers Books Forsaken, Forbidden, Forgiven from Dymocks online BookStore. Find latest reader reviews and much more at.

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Whatever, it bothered me when I was reading it. I don’t usually overly boost about More like a 4.

Riley is an intriguing character. Every time she said boyfriend, I cringed. What could be more awesome than learning from the very best and working for a Guild whose unofficial slogan is: Other books in the series.

Book Review: Forsaken (Demon Trappers #1) by Jana Oliver

I loved the methods that the trappers used and just basically the entire operation of it all. Before Riley Blackt… More. There, I said it. That is until the only Demon Trapper on her side dies, her father. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good book. However, as I got further into the story I kept getting distracted forsamen irritated by the YA elements that Oliver kept throwing into the story to keep the young adult label, and the incongruity of that with the book’s more adult content.


Visit my portfolio over on The Over Achiever. Because it was kind of slow paced. I usually pick one of the guys who are potential love interests and start crushing on them, then I cheer them on.

The Demon Trappers Series

Forsaken by Jana Oliver at Amazon. In this year, Atlanta no longer has the money to keep stuff normal. From the very first lines of the book, I already knew I loved Riley and Jana Oliver and her wry sense of humor and sardonic attitude. She has a claw pendant an authentic one from which she got a battle scar.

The Demon Trappers Series by Jana Oliver

To ask other readers questions about Forsakenplease sign up. Ori–hmmm, I think I have a sneaky suspicion of what fosraken truly is, but I won’t spoil it here. Do you need a writer for an article, press release or blog post?

Riley thinks things can’t get worse as video of her escapades hits the net, but another fatal collusion between demons leads to her father’s death. I also liked how different Riley is from other heroines we meet all too often in young adult novels: The fact that Riley uses sippy-cups to contain them is hilarious.

They’re ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 I think 5 is the max because nothing higher was mentioned.

Challenges Read about my progress here. I have to say, Beck is an amazing character — I kept flipping ahead to see when he was next going to turn up. You would have thought a book about demon trapping would be actionpacked to the maximum, right? And when you catch these guys, someone has to clean their cages. I was utterly wrong. Everything is extraordinarily expensive and school is held in old coffee shops and grocery stores.

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Reading Challenges I love reading challenges! After a great opening scene a demon in a library! I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Simon I’m thrilled the second book will be released in the fall of Buy The Demon Trappers: Her one decision was a tad dumb, and she risked her life, but who cares. dfmon

Book Review: Forsaken (Demon Trappers #1) by Jana Oliver

Bad because one of them annoyed me. I’m demo the biggest fan of the cover though I like it more after reading the novel and, while the description sounded interesting, I thought it had the potential to be cliche. Really, we did I didn’t find her grief period very believable.

Blackthorne is forced to grow up really quickly in this book but she handles it extremely well. I get he’s a good ole country boy, but saying Ya instead of you, and Yer instead of your. A great great start to a series I can’t wait to continue.